Looking For That Loser That Dumped You...?

So I'm up tonight... late as hell as you can see, knowing that I need to have my behind sleep, but there was just a little nagging voice in the back of my mind telling me that my day wasn't quite finished just yet. So I'm surfing the net while I'm laying in bed, and I come a across this site for women who want to warn the world of the many losers there are out there. The site is called Don't Date Him Girl.com. There is actually some pretty funny stuff on there. The site gives ladies a chance to speak their peace about the ment who did them wrong. To someone who's never experienced being jilted, used, abused, or cheated on, it would seem that this site is simply for women who just want to hate on the men that they feel did them dirty. But for those of us who have ever experienced this, some of the stories seem quite plausable. I, for one, have actually had some horrendous man troubles, so I can see where these ladies are coming from. How tempted was I to put a few of my exes on there, but I didn't. So anyways, I was reading one of the posts that someone put up about this guy who uses women only to get money, cars, clothes, etc... and he's in his 40's. The chick called the dude everything but a child of God! LOL! Had his picture posted and everything. As a viewer, anyone can post a rebuttal to what the poster has to say, so there was someone who did and the person claimed to know the guy and was highly upset that the poster would do something like this, and he must have made the right choice since she's this psycho to be putting stuff on the net about him. Then the rebuttal chick goes as far as to tell the poster as to say that she's going to report the chick to the internet crime commission or some -ish. WTF? Are YOU serious lady. What do you think the damn site is for, and ummm, last I checked, we had a little something called freedom of speech! Anyways, I'm sure you can find someone you know, or someone you've dated on their being ripped to shreds. I found a few I knew. You'd be surprised at some of the stuff these girls claim they've caught, or amounts of money they've spent of these dudes! Craziness!

Oh yeah, and there's something for you fellas too. There's a site dedicated to hating of females too. It's called Don't Date Her Dude! Funniness to the max! It's even got Missy Elliotts song "Shes A Bitch" playing in the background! Wow!!!

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Just came across the site, huh?