Gorilla Zoe In Hot Water With Texas Parents

Atlanta’s Gorilla Zoe has landed in hot water with parents of a Dallas middle school, due to a controversial poster featuring the rapper.

Gorilla Zoe appeared at Pearl C. Anderson Junior High School on Friday (March 6), where he delivered a positive message to the school’s 10 and 11-year-old students.

After his motivational speech to students, posters were handed out featuring Gorilla Zoe surrounded by a stack of money, while smoking a cigar, sipping a drink and brandishing a gun.

A number of parents expressed outrage at the posters their children were sent home with and questioned the message Gorilla Zoe was trying to send. My question is why the hell would you take these kind of posters to middle school children? What the hell were you thinking Zoe?

Gorilla Zoe is currently preparing to release his sophomore album Don’t Feed The Animals, which has already produced the hit single “Lost” and is due in stores March 17th.

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