Breaking News: The Body of Julian King Found In SUV

It is with a very heavy heart that I bring this news to you all. I'm sitting here crying as I type this out. News sources in Chicago are reporting a body matching that of 7 year old Julian King has been found. The body was found just a little while ago inside of the white suburban authorities have been searching for around the clock since Friday. Officials from the Medical Examiner’s Office were been called to the scene at 1313 S. Kolin Ave. (5 miles from the Hudson family home) after receiving a report of a black male child being found in an SUV. The SUV fits the exact description and exact license plate number. The people in the neighborhood say the SUV is unfamiliar and has been there about 3 days. And Channel 9 news in Chicago is now reporting that the body has been identified as Julian King.

Pray for Jennifer and Julia... please!!!!


Janet and J.D. Just Wanna Let Ya'll Know

Just to squelch all the break up rumors, Janet and J.D. have uploaded this youtube video to J.D.'s youtube channel to let everyone know thier status.

Pharrell Tries His Hand At Exclusive Furniture

What you are looking at is the latest brain child of BBC member Pharrell Williams. The chair below is called Perspective. It was designed by Pharrell in collaboration with Domeau & Pérès who built it and will be making the additional chairs. The chair, as well as another chair design and a table will be part of a show in Paris at the prestigious Emmanuel Perrotin Galerie. The show will be from October 21st 2008 until January 10th 2009. The chairs will be available in a few colors and only 4 of each will be sold. The chair below represents the love between a woman and man. And you can bet your sweet pa-tootie that these things will be going for a few g's!

Respect My Vote Campaign

T.I., Keyshia Cole, and Eve all hit up the Respect My Vote campaign in Philadelphia the other day. The campaigns focus is to encourage the younger generation to exercise their right to vote. From the looks of the polls, I think this campaign and many others like it have been working!

Ciara Named Billboard Woman of the Year

R&B singer Ciara received the Billboard Woman of the Year Award Friday night in New York City. She was also presented with some beautiful diamond earrings on top of the honor of the night.

Jennifer Hudson and Family Say Thank You.

By now we all know the tragedy that has struck the Hudson family this weekend and many of us have sent up prayers and have shown support in this great time of need for Jennifer and her sister Julia. Julia's son Julian King is still missing, and it's being reported that little Julian is being held for ransom. I can't even fathom what this would even feel like for anyone to have to go through. Losing a mother, brother, and your son is missing. JESUS!!! I just want everyone, if you are reading this, say a prayer. If you don't believe in prayer just speak it... speak the safe return of little Julian. The power of the tongue is unbelievable!

Jennifer Hudson has posted on her myspace page today a plea to her friends and fans to help find her nephew Julian. She says:

“Thank you all for your prayers and your calls. Please keep praying for our family and that we get Julian King back home safely. If anyone has any information about his whereabouts please contact the authorities immediately. Here is a picture of Julian and what he was last seen wearing. Once again thank you all for being there for us through this tough time.”

Presidential candidate Barack Obama has also released a statement to Jennifer and her family. With her being from his state of Illinois and also Jennifer having sang for the DNC back in August:

“Michelle and I were absolutely heartbroken to learn about this unimaginable tragedy, and we want Jennifer and to know that she is in our thoughts and prayers during this very difficult time. We also pray for the swift and safe return of her young nephew.”

Neighbors in the S. Chicago neighborhood where the incident took place are saying that William Balfour, Julias husband and Julians stepfather, has made threats of taking Julian from his mother is she kept "playing him". My goodness! Pray people please!

More Lyfe Jennings News

More details have emerged out of the Lyfe Jennings fiasco that occured last week resulting in a police chase and car crash. The 911 tape of someone reporting Lyfe Jennings acting a dag on fool in front of his ex girlfriends house has been released. Check it out here. Lyfe was seen at his estranged girlfriend’s, who is also the mother of his three children, home trying to kick down the door and screaming “Where are my f’in kids!”. He also got a gun from his car and started shooting in front of the house. He was arrested after a police chase and car crash a little while later. A few months ago, it was reported that Lyfe was also a heartless son of a *itch when he had the utilities cut off at the house where his children lived. All because he was upset with their mother. I hope his butt go back to jail. I'm sorry if ya'll don't like that... but any man that's going to act a fool like this don't need to have no kids in his custody without supervison at that!


Gay Reality TV?

You thought you'd seen it all in reality tv didn't you? Well guess again folks. Trash tv has now sunk to a new low! Ok, I won't call it a new low, because we do after all, have a television network specifically geared towards Gay and Lesbian culture (LOGO). Now it seems that there is a reality show coming up that will focus on Gay and Lesbian rap culture. The show is expected to come out in 2009 – no pun intended. LOL. The show will feature a gay/lesbian reality rappers and homosexuals will battle for a record contract. What I found to be interesting is that they will be judged by mainstream rappers. I don’t know what that means exactly, but we’ll see. Exact details of cast, premiere dates, networks, nothin have been released but I'll let you know, when I know!

Oprah Winfrey Sued Again

A Louisiana man has filed a lawsuit against Oprah Winfrey, claiming she and an attorney made false statements that led the FBI to arrest him on charges that he tried to extort the talk-show host. Keifer Bonvillain, who had the charges dismissed, seeks damages of $180 million from Winfrey, her attorney and the FBI in the federal lawsuit filed Tuesday.

Bonvillain, of Houma, La., was arrested in December 2006 after he allegedly recorded telephone conversations with an employee of Winfrey’s production company and told a company associate he wanted to publish a book based on the recordings. The FBI said he claimed to have offers from publishers and tabloids ranging from $500,000 to $3 million. The FBI arrested Bonvillain when another company associate agreed to pay him $1.5 million, wired him $3,000 and arranged to meet him. Bonvillain claims in the lawsuit that he did everything he could to avoid doing anything illegal.

“There was substantial damage done to my name and reputation on a world level,” he wrote. “The extent of my damages is vast.” Federal officials agreed to dismiss the charges last year on the condition that Bonvillain perform 50 hours of community service, undergo drug testing and pay $3,000 in restitution. Chip Babcock, a lawyer for Winfrey’s Harpo Productions, denied the allegations in Bonvillain’s suit. “And we know that this whole episode started when the plaintiff wiretapped a Harpo employee in California,” he said. “We advised (Bonvillain) that we believe that wiretapping was illegal, and this case will give us an opportunity to determine whether we were right about that.”

50 Cent and Ex Come To Agreement On Visitations

Finally!!! The summer soap opera of 50 and the family is over. Rapper 50 Cent has reached a settlement with his ex-girlfriend over visitation of their 11-year-old son. The rapper, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, will get one weekend per month with his son Marquise, as well as one month in the summer and half of each his winter and spring breaks.

Both sides say they are satisfied with the deal, which was reached Wednesday in Suffolk County Family Court in Central Islip, New York. The boy and his mother, Shaniqua Tompkins, had been living in the Long Island community of Dix Hills when a fire destroyed the mansion last May. An arson investigation is ongoing.


Lyfe Jennings Arrested After Eluding Police

R&B singer Lyfe Jennings was arrested Sunday night here in Atlanta. The singer is facing two new felony charges and three misdemeanor charges after leading authorities on a chase in an Atlanta suburb, and also for refusing to submit to an on-site DUI test.

According to Smyrna P.D., the platinum recording artist, born Chester J. Jennings, was apprehanded shortly after officers responded to a report of gunshots on Spring Woods Drive in Smyrna, just west of Atlanta.

“Upon their arrival officers encountered the suspect vehicle leaving the area,” the statement reads. “The vehicle was a red 2005 Chevrolet Corvette, later determined to be registered to Chester J. Jennings. Officers entered into a pursuit with the vehicle, which later crashed.” According to sources close to the singer, the gunshots that were heard that night, stemed from a domestic dispute that got out of control.

The 35-year-old singer was charged with Criminal Trespass, Discharging a Firearm Near a Public Highway, and DUI-refusal. As we all know, Lyfe served ten years in prison on felony arson charges, Jennings was also accused of two new felony offenses: Attempting to Elude and Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon. Jennings was released from the Cobb County Detention Facility in nearby Marietta, after posting a $55,200 bond.

Let The Rumors Fly: Kelly Rowland and Usher Creepin?

More rumors to report in rumorville today folks. Seems like innocent lil Kelly Rowland is trying to get her some Usher. According to the Daily Star, Usher and Kelly Rowland were in the UK balling out and spending obscene amounts of money on champagne and vodka at the Amika nightclub. They said Nelly was there too, but the main focus of the story was Kelly, not Nelly. They are saying that to have these secret meetings, they have to link in Europe. SMH. So does this mean that the rumors of Usher and Tameka being over are actually true? Please Lord say yes!

Lil Wayne Welcomes baby boy Dwayne Carter III

Rap *Superstar* Lil Wayne is capping off his record-breaking 2008 year with a personal milestone in the birth of his first son. The newborn, named Dwayne Carter III, was born this afternoon at Christ Hospital in Cincinnati. Despite rumors and leaked pictures, Wayne has not confirmed the identity of the child’s mother.

The extensive attention to the New Orleans star’s personal life began this past Saturday (October 18), when Wayne revealed during the BET Awards he was expecting his second child. After beating out stiff competition from the likes of Nas and Lupe Fiasco for “Lyricist of the Year,” Wayne requested during his acceptance speech that everyone pray for a safe delivery. “I got a son about to be born any day now, so shout-out to him,” he revealed. “Pray for me.” In addition, Wayne later took home the network’s MVP of the Year award, besting DJ Khaled, Jay-Z, T.I., and Kanye West.

Barack Obama Dances On Ellen

Ohhhh, how smooth Barack Obama is! I'm completely enamored with the man!

O'So Krispie Opens New Dance Studio

Remember the chick that won the competition when TLC held their auditions for the replacement of Left Eye? Well, she's opening up her own Dance Studio here in Atlanta. I just received an email from someone who works closely with Tiffany "O'So Krispie" Baker. Here is the message that was sent:

Whether you're an Entertainer or a regular Joe, a child or an adult, a veteran or a rookie, O'So Krispie DANCE studios is the place for you. O'So Krispie studios is a private dance training facility equipped with everything you need to exceed your personal expectations in dance and performance. The one on one training you will receive will assist you in reaching your goals and taking your performance skills to a higher level. The studio is located 10 mins from downtown Atlanta, Ga making it convenient to the Mecca of the music industry. O'So Krispie studios specializes in many areas of dance including but not limited to hip hop, ballet, jazz, salsa, meringue, swing dance, line dance, acrobatics, gymanastics,pop and lock, belly dancing, break dancing and cheerleading. Although we specialize in many dance styles our teaching approach differentiates from that of other dance schools. Instead of teaching routines, we here at O'So Krispie studios focus on the fundamentals breaking moves down and forming them to fit the student. This insures that the students are well versed and allows them to explore they're creativity.

Interested yet? If so respond to this email with your name and number and some one will get back to you immediately with the details on how you or someone you know can be apart of this exceptional program. Classes begin on November 1st, 2008. Space is limited so don't hesitate, sign up today!

O'So Krispie Studios: Providing quality dance instruction for the elite!!!


Barack Obama Takes Time Out To Go See Grandmother In Hawaii

Barack Obama is taking time out of his busy campaign schedule to go visit the woman who raised him; His maternal grandmother Madelyn Dunham.

Obama was supposed to campaign in Iowa and Minnesota on Thursday and Friday, but has decided to forego those plans because his grandmother's health has taken a turn for the worse in recent weeks. Barack often has described his grandmother as one of the biggest influences in his life.

With two weeks left in the intense battle for the White House, Obama will hold a campaign event in Indianapolis on Thursday and then fly to Hawaii to see his grandmother before returning to campaigning on Saturday, aide Robert Gibbs said.

“Senator Obama’s grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, has always been one of the most important people in his life,” Gibbs said in a statement. “Along with his mother and his grandfather, she raised him in Hawaii from the time he was born until the moment he left for college.” In Florida, Obama is encouraging voters to cast their ballots early; there are 27 electoral votes, and it is vital for either candidate in their quest for the 270 electoral votes needed to win the White House.

On stage with Obama on Monday, Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) pointed to the financial crisis as she urged Florida voters to choose Obama. “Now is the time to close the deal for Barack Obama and close the book on eight years of failed Republican leadership,” she said, linking McCain to President George W. Bush. “Sending the Republicans to clean up the economic mess in Washington is like sending the bull to clean up the china closet.” At a rally outside Kansas City, Mo., McCain jumped on Obama’s running mate, Delaware Sen. Joe Biden, saying that Obama would be tested with an international crisis within six months of becoming president. McCain said, “We don’t want a president who invites testing from the world at a time when our economy is in crisis and Americans are already fighting in two wars.”

I pray that the GOP isn't so callous to use something so important such as this to try to spin it in a negative light. There is nothing negative about taking the time to tend to your loved ones. But, we have all witnessed some horrific acts from that party lately, so it wouldn't be a surprise if they did. Anyways, Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Obama's and their family.

Lil Wayne's Defense Goes Up In Smoke

Rapper Lil Wayne was in court yesterday (Oct 20) in New York to answer to charges on an impending weapons case. Apparently, Wayne's assistant ain't trying to get caught up in the legal system like his boss. When asked about whether or not the rapper smokes marijuana on the tour bus, the assistant couldn't even fathom the thought of purgering himself. The employee once on the stand answered, " weed is something we always have on the tour bus" and also stated, that Weezy only smokes “dro,” or hydroponically grown marijuana. *blank stare*. WOW. Was that little admonishment necessary? It's obvious that swearing to tell the truth kept the assistant from helping his boss a great deal. Wayne’s expected to return to court in December. In other New York-related Wayne news, the star sent his personal sympathies this past weekend to the family of a 16-year-old killed in a New York car wreck.


T.I.'s Swing Ya Rag Vid Put On Hold

Although many news outlets reported T.I.'s next single would be "Swing Ya Rag," the clip never made it on major television networks. That info left a lot of T.I. fans asking what was up with that? Apparently, there was a bit of fashion controversy surrounding the video. It seems Louis Vuitton and Gucci were not happy to have their product featured all up and through the hip hop anthem.

"We did it, and it came out hot," T.I. told MTV. "Louis Vuitton and Gucci started trippin' about it. They were saying we were infringing, in one way or another. They weren't happy about it. They didn't want it to come out. But it's hot, though."

He also added that more singles would be coming from Paper Trail. "Live Your Life," a Just Blaze-produced song which features Rihanna will be out soon, and "Swagger Like Us" can be a potential last single. "I hope we can pull that off," T.I. adds. "That was the definite intentions initially. We have to see when everybody is all available. I'm available whenever they are." Currently, he is planning a tour and working on his latest film, Bone Deep.

Soulja Boy Set To Release Second CD

Soulja Boy Tell'em, best known for the mega hit "Crank That (Soulja Boy)" single from his 2007 debut, "SouljaBoytellem.com," returns Dec. 16 with his sophomore album.

iSouljaboytellem" (Collipark Music/Interscope) is led by the single "Birdwalk," which will be serviced to radio this week. An accompanying video is slated to debut shortly afterward.The new set features production from Mr. Collipark, Polow Da Don and Soulja Boy himself. Other tracks on the album include "Yamaha Mama" featuring Sean Kingston and "Turn My Swag On," which will be released virally. In addition, Soulja Boy, who recently signed a multi-year sneaker and apparel contract with Yum Shoes, a Dallas-based clothing company, will reveal the first line of the shoe in November. He will also launch his own animated series on his Web site next month."Souljaboytellem.com" has sold 949,000 copies in the United States, according to Nielsen Soundscan. "Crank That" has shifted a mammoth 3.86 million downloads.

Big Momma 3 In The Making?

Over the weekend in Los Angeles, producer David Friendly, who was doing interiews for his latest film, 'Soul Men', stated that he's looking to get 'Big Momma's House 3' in theaters in 2009. While there is no script in place at this point, he's confident that both Martin Lawrence and Nia Long will come back and reprise their roles.

Both Big Momma's House (2000) and Big Momma's House 2 (2006) were box office hits with $117 million dollars and $70 million dollars respectively. Released by 20th Century Fox, both films centered on Martin Lawrence as an undercover FBI agent using a fat suit to impersonate a Southern granny. In the last film, Martin was married to Sherry, who was expecting his baby. He's being booted off the FBI, so he tries to prove that he's a much-needed fixture in the Bureau by getting involved in a case that he has no business getting involved in. He goes in with the nanny outfit to get the job, and investigate some fraudulent activity where the U.S. defense is concerned.

I'm just hoping that if they do actually do a BM3, that will be the end of it. *SIGH*... I don't care for another one of these, but I would like to see Martin and Will in a Bad Boys 3... I love those two together on the screen!

Let The Rumors Fly: Aubrey O'Day New G-Unit Chick?

I don't know how plausible this is, but I wouldn't doubt it. I'm hearing news that the newly ousted Bad-Girl Aubrey O'Day will take Olivia's non-existant place in the G-Unit fam. We all know how 50 Cent did Olivia. Buying her a house and then taking it back once he realized she was of no real value to the crew. But what better time for Ms. Skankarella O'day than now. She's out of a job, and looking for some new black boys to fondle. And we all know that 50 is good for promoting beef and who has more of a reason to have beef with anybody right now than Aubrey? Although, this would be a wise move on 50's part... unlike that Mase move. And we all know if anything goes down with this rumor, Diddy is damn sure he's going to turn a profit on it. And Aubrey has quite a fan base, and she can sing. So she actually has more things going for her than Olivia and Mase put together! Anyways, I'll keep ya posted!

Heavy D Returns With A New Sound

When was the last time you've heard AAAAAANYTHING from rapper Heavy D? Hmmmm? Geesh, I can't think back that far. Anyways, he's coming back too. Boy I tell you... these old rappers just can't let it go. They're like boxers who've reached their prime and still try to come back for one more title bout to fight the young kid on the block and ends up gettin TKO'd!

Although the Diddly-iddly-iddly-iddly D has been gone from the game a minute, he's still finding a way to stay relevant. This time forging ahead with his own label Stride Entertainment and a brand new reggae album titled Vibes. The project, which was recently released digitally on iTunes, debuted at No. 4 on the Billboard reggae chart and No. 2 on iTunes’ reggae chart. The release may surprise fans, who know the rapper for such classic records as “Mr. Big Stuff,” “We Got Our Own Thang," "Now That We Found Love" and “Black Coffee.”

“I set Stride Entertainment up for this release and to be able to have the freedom to create,” Heavy said in an interview. “I didn’t really have the opportunity to do full-on albums back then because I was under contract with a label who paid you money to do a certain thing.”

Heavy D maintains the new project is a natural extension of infusing reggae into his music over the years. He admitted to putting the same effort into Vibes as he has done with his rap albums, but admitted that as CEO of his own label, his creative freedom is boundless. “They record labels didn’t regard reggae at the time as something that was viable for the company or something that they felt would sell a whole lot or records,” Heavy D. continued. “I also felt like I wanted to do it on my terms. I wanted to be able to express myself in a way where I didn’t have anybody being concerned about whether or not they'd be reimbursed.”

Among the guests found on Vibes are reggae stars Barrington Levy and Sizzla. The first single from the project is the project is the steady-tempo, horn-heavy “Long Distance Girlfriend.” While Vibes could have been released at the height of his rap career, Heavy D sums up the motivation to pursue his latest endeavor with one word.

Terrence Howard Reacts To News Of Being Replaced

Terrence Howard has spoken out publicly for the first time since learning his part in “Iron Man 2” had been recast. Last week, Marvel Studios announced through The Hollywood Reporter, that the Hustle and Flow actor would be replaced with fellow actor Don Cheadle.

In a new interview with National Public Radio, Howard admitted he was shocked when he heard the studio had replaced him with Don Cheadle in the sequel to “Iron Man.”

“It was the surprise of a lifetime,” Howard told NPR.

Cheadle will step into the role of Jim Rhodes in the follow up to the summer blockbuster, starring Robert Downey Jr. The decision to go another way with the character, who later becomes fellow armored superhero War Machine, was reportedly based on financial differences between Howard and the studio. But according to Terrence, that news is definitely new news to him.

“I read something in the trades implicating that it was about money or something, but apparently the contracts that we write and sign aren’t worth the paper that they’re printed on, sometimes,” Howard continued in his interview with NPR. “Promises aren’t kept, and good faith negotiations aren’t always held up… The contract just… up and vanished.” Howard stated.

Project Runway's Korto A Fan Favorite

If you're an avid fan of Project Runway like I am, then you would know who Korto Momolu is. On the reunion show, Korto was voted the fan favorite and received a check for $10k.

Even though she came in second on the show, she still remained numero uno to a lot of fans.

Explaining her vote as "fan favorite" for the fifth season, the 33-year-old Liberia-born designer told E! Online it must be because "People relate to me. I'm real. I cry when it's time to cry, and I pout when it's time to pout. I'm a mama, I'm a wife, I'm an immigrant. I got booty."

Korto admits that her ample backside has its own set of devoted fans. "I'm like, Lord Jesus help me if one more shot of my butt is shown on TV," she told E! at Martell Cognac's finale screening party at L.A. hot spot STK. "I found a Web site dedicated to my butt! It's hilarious. He writes things like, 'Oh, my god! They're gonna show her booty again next week!'"

Despite Korto being my favorite on the show as well, her line was the most elegant and stayed true to her African roots by combining vibrant fabric and an ethnic sensible with her use of stones and stitching. You could wear any of Korto's designs to a cocktail event, or red carpet arrival or just because you want to look exceptionally fierce and pretty that day.

The reality show star says she plans on moving from Arkansas to Philadelphia, preferring to steer clear of designer-friendly cities such as New York or Los Angeles. "My parents live close by in Jersey," she explained. "I figured it would be a good place because it has grass. I want my daughter growing up seeing grass. There's no grass in New York. There's a tree every now and then. I live in Arkansas. There are leaves, flowers."

When asked who her dream client to work with would be, she responded a resounding, "Oprah! I've been stalking her for like five years...Just everything she stands for. She's freakin' Oprah. She's up and down like me and she traced her roots back to Liberia, where I'm originally from. We have that connection. I think I should be one of her favorite things next year." Check out her line below at the Bryant Park season finale.


Terrence Howard Marshal's In Howard Homecoming

As planned, Academy Award-nominated actor Terrence Howard came out to the Howard University Homecoming and donned the appearance of the University band's drum major.

During the festivities, Howard served as the homecoming ambassador and grand marshal at the school’s homecoming football game in Washington, D.C., today (Oct 19).

“I am very excited about participating in Howard University’s legendary Homecoming,” said Terrence. “I am looking forward to celebrating with the students and the distinguished alumni of this great American treasure.”

Sitting in the audience watching Terrence lead the marching band was Sean “Diddy” Combs, is an Howard Alumni, and also watched on with his arm still in a sling. According to Diddy, he just had shoulder surgery from working out too hard. Terrence, now 39, never finished college himself but was admitted to the Pratt Institute in New York. He didn’t complete his education as he had joined his brother on an audition for The Cosby Show and was cast in the role.