Meagan Good In Saw V

One of our favorite "good" girls has a starring role in one of the best thought out sequels ever! Meagan Good will be playing the role of Luba, who is a new character set to appear in Saw V. She works as a city planner and comes from a wealthy family. I'm wondering how ol' Jigsaw is going to work this one into the plan. I love these movies. They're so well thought out and unbelievably gruesome! I will definitely be in the theater on October 24th when this comes out!

Ne-Yo To Make An Autobiographical Film... Sort Of!

I see young Ne-Yo has been a pretty busy guy lately. Aside from his many writing, producing, and singing gigs, he's now adding film-maker to the repertoire.

The R&B singer just released his third lp a few weeks ago titled, "Year of the Gentleman", which debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200. With the music scene becoming more monotinous by the day, Ne-Yo is about to expand his foray into Hollywood with a semi-autobiographical film that he describes as his own "8 Mile".

“We are putting together the next film right now as we speak, as a matter of fact. The name of the movie is Venice Beach and basically it’s going to be my 8 Mile, loosely based on my life, but not really,” says the 28-year-old singer/songwriter.

After his first movie back in 2007 with Stomp The Yard, Ne-Yo is aiming for perfection with this one. “There’s a lot of room for it to be either really good or really corny. We gotta make sure the script is right, so that’s why we ain’t start shooting yet. We gotta get it right." He's aiming for December to begin the actual filming of the movie.

Kanye West Mom Surgery Bill Gets Vetoed!

The death of Kanye West's mother, Dr. Donda West, prompted California lawmakers to partially enact a bill requiring potential cosmetic surgery patients to first undergo a physical examination. Weeks after going into effect, the governor has vetoed the bill.

In addition to requiring a physical exam, the bill (written by Assemblywoman Wilma Amina Carter), would have also required patients to disclose their complete medical history and get a doctor's clearance. Citing the state's 85-day delay in passing a new budget as the reasoning, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed the bill.

In other Kanye West news, the rapper is linking his Dr. Donda West Foundation with the Live to Give Campaign to present a concert in Washington D.C. focused on community empowerment. All of the proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to selected charities. For more information go to www.livetogiveback.org or call (301) 605-5324.

Who Cares: Game To Do Anger Management

The Game was in court today where he had to answer to the charges of criminal battery for a family brawl which took place at the funeral of one of his cousins.

A Los Angeles County Superior Court judge gave The Game an ultimatum to participate in anger management classes or go to jail on criminal battery charges today, says TMZ.

As previously reported, Game was involved in a funeral scuffle with his cousin, Robert "Kirky" Kirkwood. According to reports of the incident, the Compton MC promised to finance part of his cousin's funeral but backed out when it was time to ante up the cash. Game then showed up at the funeral where he spoke about the importance of family values.

After the funeral, Kirkwood claimed he wanted to talk to Game about the cash but an argument started, ending with the rapper punching his him in the face.

Despite Game's reported aggression, the judge agreed to let him skate on jail time as long as he completes 36 anger management classes by February 2009.

If convicted of the criminal battery charges, Game could have faced a significant amount of time in jail.

Plaxico Burress Suspended One Damn Game!

I guess -ish don't change just because your team wins a Super Bowl huh? I thought life was supposed to be sweet once you reach a career goal? Well not according to New York Giants wide-receiver Plaxico Burress and wife Tiffany. Plax was just recently suspended for JUST ONE DAMN GAME for domestic violence violations against the NFL. Apparently Mr. Burress went on man handling his wife here and there but never reported it to the league which is against league rules. All legal issues must be reported to the league commissioner. Here's how things went down:

Records show Tiffany Burress called police on June 2 following what she said was an argument with her husband. When officers arrived, she claimed he had grabbed her. He, in turn, said his wife slapped him in the face.

No charges were filed, but Municipal Judge Terence P. Concoran granted Tiffany Burress a temporary restraining against her husband.

The order was later dismissed by a state Family Court judge in Paterson, police said. Police were called again on Aug. 19. According to a report of the incident, Tiffany Burress left her husband at a New York nightclub after the two got into an argument there. Plaxico Burress arrived home later and began playing loud music, it says.

Citing the couple’s small child, Tiffany Burress called police to the house, records show. She got another municipal order against her husband — which also was dismissed at the state level.

This -ish don't make no sense! Tiffany... why would you keep getting these restraining orders then having them dismissed? Ladies ladies ladies... let's smarten up out there! Our mothers didn't bring us into this world to be punching bags and shoving toys! They brought us here to be lovers, protectors, queens, and most of all to be loved, honored, and adored by all!

Big Boi The New Face Of Full Throttle Drinks

Big Boi is still puttin his best foot forward in the game. He's now the new face of Coca-Cola's Full Throttle Fury Energy Drink, which was announced today (September 30).

Along with the new face for the brand, the soft drink company will be relaunching Full Throttle Fury with a completely new look and experience, in an attempt to tap the lucrative Black America. I guess they've caught on to how everyone who thinks it's fly, puts their energy drink together with their favorite liquor huh?

Big Boi said in the press release, “Full Throttle Fury appeals to men like me who consider themselves real and authentic, whose work style is to go all the way,” Big Boi said. “I spend most of my days in the recording studio or involved in new projects. Full Throttle Fury has a great taste and provides me the energy to get through my busy day.”

The rapper will take part in an upcoming advertising and marketing campaign, which will also see Full Throttle Fury act as the official sponsor of record release parties for Big Boi’s upcoming album Sir Luscious Leftfoot: Son of Chico Dusty. Full Throttle Fury will also act as sponsors of a multi-city promo tour, that will hit at least 50 venues nationwide.

“My new album Sir Luscious Left Foot embodies the energy of Full Throttle Fury, where I feel like the body of work I’ve created on this CD will hopefully motivate my fans even more with its high energy and conscious lyrics as I’ve always created in my music,” Big Boi continued.

According to Rafael Acevedo, Senior Brand Manager, Energy Drinks, Big Boi's "drive to excel" was consistent with the direction Full Throttle's new image is adopting. "He truly embodies the Full Throttle mindset of ‘Go Full Throttle or Go Home’,” said Acevedo said. “Full Throttle Fury will play a vital roll in Big Boi’s upcoming album release activities and concert tour—including product integration, customized point of sale displays, and sponsorship opportunities.”

Full Throttle Fury is available in stores nationwide, while reports stated that Sir Luscious Leftfoot: Son of Chico Dusty will hit stores on October 28.

D'Angelo & Q-Tip New Song Released On iTunes

The definition of sexy is back ya'll! Michael D'Angelo Archer has made his way to the surface and he's teamed up with Hip Hop head Q-Tip. D'Angelo has prefaced the spring 2009 release of his third album with a new buzz single. "I Found My Smile Again," a remake of the tune D'Angelo originally recorded for the 1996 "Space Jam" soundtrack, became available exclusively via iTunes today (Sept. 30).

"The song is something that's very close to him," manager Lindsay Guion tells Billboard.com. Alluding to D'Angelo's problems stemming from a 2005 arrest for drunk driving and drug possession, Guion adds, "He's able to smile again and he's ready to connect with fans. He's coming back. And he looks great, by the way.

The iTunes releases follows news of a Q-Tip song featuring D'Angelo, "I Believe," that was leaked online today. D'Angelo went into the studio with Q-Tip about two months ago to record the track. While the song is slated to appear on Q-Tip's own upcoming album, "The Renaissance" (Universal Motown, Nov. 4), Guion isn't sure yet if it will also be featured on D'Angelo's new album via J Records/RCA Music Group.Guion did confirm that D'Angelo is in a Los Angeles studio working on his album, collaborating with Raphael Saadiq, ?uestlove and Roy Hargrove, among others.D'Angelo has largely fallen off the musical map since 2000's "Voodoo," which has sold 1.7 million copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan. Its single "Untitled (How Does It Feel)," hit No. 2 on Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop chart and No. 25 on the Hot 100.

Jay Z Track List For Blueprint 3

Blueprint 3 details have been showing up everywhere even months before the debut of the much anticipated lp. Now the track list for the album is available. Check it out below.

01. Wake Up New York (Intro)
02. Most Kings
03. Hades (Lucifer Pt. II)
04. Eternal Jewels (ft. Jay Electronica) [prod. by Jay Electronica]
05. Blueprint 3
06. Lucy (ft. Chris Martin)
07. The Audacity of Dope
08. S.L.U. Pt. 2 (ft. Nas, Andre 3000, and Young Jeezy)
09. Election Night (We believe in Obama)
10. Just Memories
11. Apostate (ft. Eminem) [prod. by Eminem]
12. Oasis
13. My Brothers Keeper (ft. Scarface)
14. Brooklyn Lost
15. Weeds & Concrete16. Without Rain...

Aubrey O'day Is The Nastiest Broad I've Ever Seen!

Ewww ewww ewww!!! I promise... if I see one of those other Danity Kane member eat, drink, or even whisper to this nasty broad, I'm done! The skankarella herself, Aubrey O'day is back at it. This honestly doesn't surprise me. I was reading the other day where she did an interview and said that she is just a sex fiend. Anything that moves damn near turns her on! Sooooo, where does that leave this little pooch? Do I need to make a call to the humane society?

Peedi Crakk Disses Jay-Z in A Sing-Song

Seems as if Jay-Z has got everybody aiming for him these days. Dude from rock group Oasis, then 50 comin out his mouth sayin Jay wasn't nothin until Beyonce, and now, we have some more Romper Room-ish mess. This one is from Peedi Crakk. The Philly kid who was who used to be one of Jay's protege's on Roc-A-Fella, but was dropped for some reason has come out with a diss song. Yes folks... a song, not a rap, but a song. No one has said why Peedi has beef with Jay, but it's gotta be over some label stuff or whatever! Even though the song is a diss track to Jay, it pours salt into the wound because it's a half assed song. Kind like, who gives a *uck about Jay so to speak! Kind of a slap in the face! But you be the judge!

Terrence J Registers 100,000 New Voters

As corny as I think Terrence J is, I must give him props for doing such a great job for his efforts during this election season.

Being the host of one of today's top hip hop shows, Terrence J is looked at as a leader for the next generation. At only 25 years-old, Terrence knows that he's in a powerful position. A position where what you say and what you do, can shape and mold a young mind.

He recently did an interview with Hip HopDX this month and said, "I've been put into a powerful position. I think, for a while, I didn't realize the power of the position that I had. It took something happening with me - seeing how the things I say out of my mouth will be widespread, if I say the wrong thing."

After a challenging year on the show, that saw a shift in co-hosts, Terrence believed and used the upcoming election as a way to re-brand his position in entertainment and his power as a role-model. "With this year's election, I really started feeling a little hypocritical just being on television, telling people to register to vote. I didn't feel as though I was doing enough, I wasn't getting my hands dirty. I wasn't worthy to be in that position. I really wanted to do something to make a change."

Traveling by car with his brother, this past summer Terrence launched Crank That Vote, a campaign to register 100,000 American voters. The host and actor revealed his thinking in the effort, "We were just not gonna come back to New York City till we got 100,000 people registered to vote." Stopping for stints in New York, Newark, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, New Orleans and points in between, Terrence says the labor helped him as much as his cause. "I really got back in touch with God. When I got this position, I would talk to God every single day and pray every single night. Then, once you get into that position, you start getting busy, and forget."

With the election just over a month away, Terrence stresses this won't be his last push for activism. "I might tackle HIV in America, I might tackle poverty, I might tackle something else." Having recently inked endorsement deals with McDonald's and Rockport, the host stresses that it's not just dollars and cents that makes sense. "I also want to do free projects, like Crank That Vote," acknowledging financial assistance from BET, as well as mentorship from Russell Simmons and Diddy in his efforts. Humbling himself and his image, the afternoon host adds, "The intent of this is to get people to say, 'If corny Terrence from 106 & Park can 100,000 people, well let me get 1,000 people from my high school.'"

Even down to its name, this voter registration campaign may appeal to a different generation and audience than previous ones from Diddy or T.I. "Soulja Boy, whether you like him or not, you've got to respect him with his movement with 'Crank Dat Superman,'" With legions of first time voters having watched Terrence the last three years, this is an opportune time. "The whole 'crank dat' movement picked up where the Crunk movement left off. The movement is the young people. It's the young people that make everything else cool. When I meet them, a lot of times, they respect the elder statesmen of Hip Hop."

Aside from hosting 106th & Park, Terrence has just been added on to the roster of Sean John as one of it's new faces in print ads beginning this fall.

Speak On It: Lawmaker Wants To Pay Poor Women To Get Tubes Tied??? WTH?

Worried that welfare costs are rising as the number of taxpayers declines, state Rep. John LaBruzzo, R-Metairie, said Tuesday he is studying a plan to pay poor women $1,000 to have their Fallopian tubes tied.

“We’re on a train headed to the future and there’s a bridge out, ” LaBruzzo said of what he suspects are dangerous demographic trends. “And nobody wants to talk about it.”

LaBruzzo said he worries that people receiving government aid such as food stamps and publicly subsidized housing are reproducing at a faster rate than more affluent, better-educated people who presumably pay more tax revenue to the government. He said he is gathering statistics now.

“What I’m really studying is any and all possibilities that we can reduce the number of people that are going from generational welfare to generational welfare, ” he said. He said his program would be voluntary. It could involve tubal ligation, encouraging other forms of birth control or, to avoid charges of gender discrimination, vasectomies for men. It also could include tax incentives for college-educated, higher-income people to have more children he said.

LaBruzzo, 38, is white, married to a lawyer, has a toddler daughter and holds a bachelor’s degree from Louisiana State University. He is serving his second term in the Legislature, where he drew attention this year for advocating the controversial legislative pay raise and for trying to abolish the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway Commission and its Police Department. His 81st House District runs from Old Metairie north to Bucktown and west along Lake Pontchartrain to the Suburban Canal. In a somewhat different configuration, it is the same district that sent white supremacist David Duke to the Legislature in 1989.

LaBruzzo described the tube-tying incentive as a brainstorming exercise that has yet to take form as a bill for the Legislature to consider. He said it already has drawn critics who argue the idea is racist, sexist, unethical and immoral. He said more white people are on welfare than black people, so his proposal is not targeting race.

LaBruzzo said other, mainstream strategies for attacking poverty, such as education reforms and programs informing people about family planning issues, have repeatedly failed to solve the problem. He said he is simply looking for new ways to address it.

“It’s easy to say, ‘Oh, he’s a racist, ‘ ” LaBruzzo said. “The hard part is to sit down and think of some solutions.”

LaBruzzo said he opposes abortion and paying people to have abortions. He described a sterilization program as providing poor people with better opportunities to avoid welfare, because they would have fewer children to feed and clothe.

He acknowledged his idea might be a difficult sell politically. “I don’t know if it’s a viable option, ” LaBruzzo said. “Of course people are going to get excited about it. Maybe we’ll start a debate on it.”

Katy Perry Is A Doll... Literally!

After the last few weeks events, I am thoroughly convinced that the world is going to hell in a hand basket doused with gasoline! And this -ish right here don't make it no better.

After spending spring and summer re-writing the record books with the seven-week Billboard Hot 100 #1 single “I Kissed A Girl,” , pop/rock phenom Katy Perry takes one more dive into pop culture iconography with a doll created in her likeness.

Wow... so where is the Janet doll? Or the Madonna doll? Just because you kiss girls that makes you an icon? Alrighty then!

The Katy Perry doll is currently available for pre-order through Integrity Toys’ Web site. Perry collaborated with fashion designer Jason Wu in the creation of the 12 inch-tall doll, which will be sold worldwide in a limited edition retailing for $49.99 from Integrity Toys, where Wu also serves as creative director for Integrity’s high-end fashion doll lines. Aaaaand I would need to pay fifty bucks for this thing? Get the *uck outta here dude!

This miniaturized version of Perry will be immediately recognizable as a signature fashion look, with her belted gold mini dress with accordion-pleated skirt, inspired by the wildly popular and 5 times MTV VMA nominated “I Kissed A Girl” video clip. The transformation of Perry into a doll is a fitting gesture to her earliest fans who saw her guest-starring with several dolls from Integrity’s Fashion Royalty line in the ironic and hilarious video “Ur So Gay,” and streamed it over 1.3 million times, laughing all the way.

“We are very excited to be working with Katy again,” Wu said. “Her fresh attitude, unique style and fun approach to music make her a perfect candidate to become a fashion doll.” Integrity Toys designs, makers of the Perry doll, produces and markets a variety of fashion dolls and other toys and related products, with a specialization in high-end and collectible fashion dolls.

Janet Jackson Hospitalized In Montreal

Janet Jackson was hospitalized in Montreal on Monday night according to the Associated Press. The singer “got suddenly ill,” during sound check and was rushed to a hospital before her show was due to kick off in the city according to a statement W&W Public Relations, released to the AP.

Jackson is reportedly being monitored at an undisclosed medical facility. She hopes to reschedule the show.

Janet, who by the way is 42, returned to the national tour circuit for the first time in seven years kicking off her “Rock With U” trek on September 10.

Just this past weekend however, one of Jackson’s dates – in Detroit, Michigan, was canceled according to a report in the Detroit Free Press. The show was canceled, reps for the star told the publication, due to “production constraints.”

New Music Tuesday: Jennifer Hudson~Robin Thicke~T.I.

Everybody knows that Tuesdays are always the days when new music, movies, etc... is released. And today is a doosey!!! Jennifer Hudson's debut album, Robin Thicke's "Something Else", and T.I.'s "Paper Trail" and a host of others... but those three are worth grabbing if you can! I went and got them already!!! I heard a few snippets of Robin Thicke's cd and I'm in love with the whole thing!


Jennifer Hudson Talks About Her Engagement

Fresh off the plane in NYC (and looking every bit of it).

Jennifer Hudson, recently described her and attorney David Otunga’s engagement story: “It was a big deal… I got a beautiful ring and I got him. I had no clue at all… We went to the beach during the day and he blindfolded me… and he gave me a purple shovel, because purple’s my favorite color… and I had to dig. I ended up digging through all this sand. When I found it, it was like a bunch of beautiful cards… one related to the other, and the last one said, ‘Look around, take the moment in, turn around and I have a gift for you.’”

Awwwwww!!! How cute is that? Jennifer's long awaited self-titled debut album releases tomorrow!

Richard Collier In Stable Condition After Surgery

Earlier this month, I did a post on the shooting of Jacksonville Jaguars offensive tackle Richard Collier. For the last few weeks, little has been reported on his condition or the motive behind the shooting. Today, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported that the 6ft 7, 345lb player has undergone another major surgery.

Collier is paralyzed below the waist and has had his left leg amputated, his doctors said today. They said Collier, who had 14 bullet wounds, is now in stable condition after being previously listed in critical condition.

Collier and former teammate Kenneth Pettway were waiting for two women outside an apartment complex early Sept. 2 when a gunman fired into the vehicle, according to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office. Pettway was not injured.

The motive behind the attack on Collier is unknown, but investigators said earlier he appeared to be targeted.

Collier was the third NFL player shot in the past 18 months. Washington Redskins star Sean Taylor was fatally shot during what police said was a botched burglary attempt at his Miami-area home in November. Broncos cornerback Darrent Williams was killed when his rented limousine was sprayed with bullets minutes after leaving a New Year's party at a club in 2007

Angie Stone Looks Great!

Props to Angie Stone for looking so good. Despite her failed attempt at losing weight on VH1's Celebrity Fit Club, she has managed to learn to eat better, and exercise whenever possible. Angie also has learned to live healthier to help manage her diabetes issues.

Dwayne Wade Speaks On Divorce

Dwayne Wade recently spoke out finally about his impending divorce with grade school sweetheart Siohvaughn Funches.

When asked about the situation, Wade stated, "I keep my personal life my personal life,” Wade said. “You try to keep it as private as you can. When things leak out, it’s not always the truth. Some is. All you can do is continue being who you are. A lot of things have come out about me, and people are going to think what they want to think. But at the end of the day, no one knows what’s happened in my life to get to the point where me and my wife, our family, not being together.”

Wade and Funches have two children, and the divorce in which we speak of, actually began shortly after their second son was born right around the time when the NBA season kicked off last year. Other than what he just stated, he hasn't said much more about their relationship. I can definitely respect that! Divorce isn't easy I'm sure, especially when there are children involved.

Beyonces Gold Mane Is Actually Worth It's Weight!

Beyonce and her lovely manufactured tresses have made the papers again. This time, it's the hair that is the talk of the media. The Irreplaceable singer reportedly isn't just worth the $80 mil that was reported last week, her wig collection by itself is worth an estimated $1 milli. I'm sure most of them consist of a large amount of high dollar lace fronts.

According to In Touch, the singer has tailor-made hair-pieces for every occasion. A friend told the magazine: "The majority of them are custom-made from real hair and she's probably got $1 million worth of stunning wigs. "It's part of the reason why she always looks so gorgeous."

Knowles is said to donate her old wigs to a charity which helps cancer sufferers. Bey was recently named the second highest-paid music act of the past 12 months, banking more than £40 million.

Reagan Gomez-Preston Covers King Magazine

Reagan Gomez-Preston is on the cover of King magazine's 2008 Election Issue. Dammit how I so envy these chicks who have babies and get no stretch marks!!! Curse them!!! Anyways, I haven't really seen her in much up until she did the "Whatever You Like" video with T.I. I think she's been in various low budget movies here and there but nothing major since her stint on the whack ass show Parenthood. But it's good to see her back!

Jermaine Dupri Is A Lightweight Drinker!

So JERMAINE Dupri is a little light in the ass huh? Meaning, he can't handle his liquor!!! It's been reported that he had a little too much of a good time celebrating his 36th birthday last week. The other night, Dupri and his squeeze, Janet Jackson, went to Tenjune, where, spies say, they shared bottles of Jay-Z's Ace of Spades Champagne and Patrón tequila with Ne-Yo, Busta Rhymes and Ice-T - until Dupri "vomited in Janet's lap. Ms. Jackson bolted out of the scene and sped off in her chauffeured Maybach." A rep for Jackson and Dupri didn't return calls. A rep for Tenjune declined to comment. Meanwhile, we hear Dupri is under some stress at work. The head of urban music for Island/Def Jam put out his lady's last album, "Discipline," which flopped. Our insider said, "[IDJ head] L.A. Reid had wanted to make changes to the album, make it fresher with some newer artists added in, but Janet said no - and Jermaine backed her up. He looks silly right now."

Diddy Employee Stalks Pharrell

STRANGER DANGER!!! That's what Pharrell needs to be singing right now! Apparently someone who works for Diddy at his Sean John company, somehow got a hold of Skateboard P's email address. According to Page Six, "He e-mailed Pharrell so many times asking if they could work together, but Pharrell had no idea who the person writing to him was." Eventually Pharrell either pieced it together or the dude came out and said that he worked for Diddy, and that's when Pharell tried to call Diddy to let him know what was happening. A rep for Diddy said "Diddy was not made aware of this incident. A staff member was contacted, and they handled it internally." i.e.... dude got his ass handed to him, then he was bounced out the damn doors!

T.I. Celebrates His 28th Birthday

T.I. celebrated his birthday this weekend with his fans, friends, and family. The party went down at the Biltmore in downtown Atlanta. Just as last year, the party was fly and flashy. This year Tip didn't have a party with Jeezy and Lil Wayne, it was just him. But it looks like they had a great time!
Tiny is just doing too much with all these colors everywhere! But I like the dress
See what I mean? This hair... there are no words! It's not cute!
Tocarra was there sporting the "in" hairdo. I just want it to go away... like now!
Talk about a deer in headlights... Tone it down Dro... goodness!
“Real Housewives of ATL” stars Ed and Lisa Hartwell made an appearance.
T-Boz and guest. I'm going to need ol' girl to find the invisible stick real quick!
Tip and the fluffy one himself... Jazze Pha.
I'm wondering if the rumors of Dro and Fanny breaking up were really true then???
I take it this was the "cake"???
Singer\Producer Sean Garrett. Dude does nothing for me at all!


Is It Me or Would A Show With These Two Be Great!

I'm sure there are gobs of you guys out there who won't agree with me on this but... I would like to see Diddy do a spin off of something with just Dawn and Q's relationship. I just finished watching the latest episode of making the band and I tell ya... that Q is so in love with Dawn it ain't even funny! It is so good to see a man not being ashamed of his emotions and recognizing them and a good woman when he has one. Even though they are a bit overly mushy at times, these two are still waaaay cute together. I mean hell, if MTV could give a show to Nik Lachey and Jessica Simpson, then they damn sure could do something with these two! Diddy would be a fool not to. I just want to see what Q looks like when he's angry over love! He's always got that big ol' goofy grin on his face from the sheer bliss of it all, that picturing him mad is a bit impossible. Not wishing any ill will on these two, but I'd like to see them argue just one time! I mean, just to see them away from everybody else and exploring their relationship without the nosiness of either groups would be great!

Niecy Nash Gets Cancelled!

First up on the chopping block for the Fall line up of shows... Niecy Nash and her crew over at Fox with their new show, Do Not Disturb.

The show has been the first cancellation of the fall season. Sources confirm that the critically savaged sitcom, starring a slumming Jerry O'Connell and Niecy Nash, has been axed after three low-rated episodes.

The show's Wednesday time slot will be filled with repeats of 'Til Death, which upgrades the network's 9 to 10 p.m. comedy block from excruciatingly painful to unbearably painful. (And yes, that is an upgrade, albeit a very slight one.) A Fox insider insists no official decision has been made re: Do Not Disturb's fate. UPDATE: Fox is now confirming the show's demise. News comes just days after DND's producers publicly apologized for making such a crappy show. All's forgiven! Just don't do this -ish again!


We Miss You Already Dr. Pratt!

I have been watching ER since day one and I think that Dr Pratt’s (Mekhi Phifer) death was the saddest death since Dr Gant (Omar Epps) was hit by train 11 seasons ago. When they wheeled him through the ER in the gurney like that, I broke down in tears. That was an amazing way for all of us to say goodbye to one of the most memorable characters on the show.If the final season of ER is going to be as a good as the first episode of the season I am sad to see it go. This was the saddest episode in television history if you ask me! I cried like I lost a family member! If you can... just watch it! Even online if you have to!

Jim Jones To Release Documentary On His Life

As much as I dislike this dude, it seems like he's trying to give people an inside look as to who he really is and what made him the way he is today. "This is Jim Jones" the documentary. Doubt if I'll be bum rushin somebody to see this though! Highly doubt it!

Secret Life Of Bees Premiere

The premiere of the Secret Life of Bee's took place the other night in D.C. Seems like most of the cast was in attendance accept Ms. Keys. Wonder where she was?? Hmmm??? There is something that looks super radiant about Jennifer Hudson in these pictures. Almost like she's glowing. Hmmm!!! I wonder????? Still not liking this cut on Latifah though!