Antonia Carter Penning Tell All Book About Life With Lil Wayne

Lil’ Wayne’s ex-wife is reportedly writing a book about her life with the New Orleans rapper. Antonia “Toya” Carter, who divorced Wayne in 2004 after a two-year marriage, announced her literary endeavor last week via her MySpace page.

While she did not offer many specifics on a title or proposed release date, Carter did request the public’s opinion on the topics she should cover. The 24-year-old, born Antonia Johnson, briefly made headlines a year ago, when she responded to a revealing interview with Vibe Magazine by her famous ex, with her own eye-opening account of their relationship and life together.

While Wayne’s cover interview with the magazine seemed to downplay the extent of their relationship, the former Mrs. Carter revealed that she and Weezy began their courtship in middle school and went on to be high school sweethearts.When she was 14, she became pregnant with their only child, now 9-year-old Reginae.

The two married on Valentine’s Day 2004, with the marriage existing somewhere between Lil’ Wayne’s more public relationships with R&B singer Nivea and rapper Trina.While Carter blamed Wayne’s infidelity for the dissolution of the marriage in early 2006, she told the magazine that they continue to maintain a strong friendship, and that the rapper has grown to become a “better father over the years.”

Not sure if I'm even contemplating buying this one! Naw, I'll pass!

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Anonymous said...

i think it's going to be a good book and i know it's going to help me being that i'm in a similar boat a lot of people look up to toya i myself didnt even know that lil wayne was ever married until the show and when i seen her i was like "What tha fuck is wrong wit lil wayne like how the hell he end wit them other chicken heads if i must say so" espacally trina cuz she played him about haning a small thang anyway so that's him fuckin up but on something real though he love toya and can't neither one of them other women do anything about that she got the dick first and can't nobody ever forget their first. :)