Lil Wayne To Join The Blogoshere

Looks like me and my fellow bloggers of the blogoshpere have some competition out there. Looks like Lil Wayne will finally have to put pen to paper and not just adlib like he does with his raps. Wayne will be commenting on everything from his love of the Red Sox to his recent Wimbledon-viewing party and little league football career.

The New Orleans rapper has joined ESPN. Lil Wayne is a guest blogger for ESPN The Magazine. “I don’t watch nothing but sports - no movies, no news, no television shows - so I thought this would be fun,” he writes in his first entry. An editor’s note introducing the commentary describes Weezy as “mega-rapper of the moment.” This ought to be interesting to see what his thoughts are on paper. If they'll be as muddled as some of his random blurbs to the media are!

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