Nelly's Brass Knuckles A Flop

You know, I wish rappers would just catch a freakin clue when it's time to call their musical career a wrap! Let's take our favorite St. Lunatic Nelly for example. His latest album, "Brass Knuckles" is a flop in every sense of the word. As of today, it's only sold 43k copies, and I'm hella suprised it even sold that much. Of course we all know that you can blame bootleggers and internet downloading sites for a reduction in artists sales, but c'mon. We see that it's somewhat possible by looking at what Lil Wayne pulled off with The Carter III.

My advice Nelly... run into the sunset with this Sean John modeling thing. Maybe you need to drink some more of the Pimp Juice stuff you were tryin to push years ago. It seemed to work for you then... well on second thought, are you even still making that crap? Nix that idea then!


╚» ♥ Baby ♥ «╝ said...
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╚» ♥ Baby ♥ «╝ said...

i didn't even know his cd was out. lets you know i don't follow his music anymore.
his time has come and gone...he's just not "in" anymore.
maybe he'll go ride off into the sunset now and take ashanti with him.

Big Cheekz said...

him & his girl ashanti need to retire, asap