So Ciara IS Really Upset With Vibe...

I thought this mess was resolved the other week when Editor-in-Chief Danyel Smith sent out a statement saying that Ciara did in fact pose nude for the Vibe cover and it was all her idea... but I guess not.

The R&B singer claims that she was indeed wearing underwear while taking those shots for the October Vibe cover. If you guys have seen them, the photos show Ciara with not a hint of clothing on, while covering up her goodies.

Ciara talked with MTV News and stated, that those photos are "very, very upsetting and somewhat misleading,"

"I have so much respect for Ciara, and Ciara was so happy when she pitched this idea to us, and the photos are actually striking and beautiful," Danyel Smith said during an interview with New York's KISS-FM. "It was pitched to me in a way that it was time [for her] to grow up and be beautiful and be free and be all the things she wanted to be."

So why is she now saying she didn't. What I need is for someone on the staff for Vibe, who was there for the shoot to speak out and tell us what the real deal is! Somebody lyin here, and I'm betting it is CiCi!

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