T.I. Celebrates His 28th Birthday

T.I. celebrated his birthday this weekend with his fans, friends, and family. The party went down at the Biltmore in downtown Atlanta. Just as last year, the party was fly and flashy. This year Tip didn't have a party with Jeezy and Lil Wayne, it was just him. But it looks like they had a great time!
Tiny is just doing too much with all these colors everywhere! But I like the dress
See what I mean? This hair... there are no words! It's not cute!
Tocarra was there sporting the "in" hairdo. I just want it to go away... like now!
Talk about a deer in headlights... Tone it down Dro... goodness!
“Real Housewives of ATL” stars Ed and Lisa Hartwell made an appearance.
T-Boz and guest. I'm going to need ol' girl to find the invisible stick real quick!
Tip and the fluffy one himself... Jazze Pha.
I'm wondering if the rumors of Dro and Fanny breaking up were really true then???
I take it this was the "cake"???
Singer\Producer Sean Garrett. Dude does nothing for me at all!

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