Plaxico Burress Suspended One Damn Game!

I guess -ish don't change just because your team wins a Super Bowl huh? I thought life was supposed to be sweet once you reach a career goal? Well not according to New York Giants wide-receiver Plaxico Burress and wife Tiffany. Plax was just recently suspended for JUST ONE DAMN GAME for domestic violence violations against the NFL. Apparently Mr. Burress went on man handling his wife here and there but never reported it to the league which is against league rules. All legal issues must be reported to the league commissioner. Here's how things went down:

Records show Tiffany Burress called police on June 2 following what she said was an argument with her husband. When officers arrived, she claimed he had grabbed her. He, in turn, said his wife slapped him in the face.

No charges were filed, but Municipal Judge Terence P. Concoran granted Tiffany Burress a temporary restraining against her husband.

The order was later dismissed by a state Family Court judge in Paterson, police said. Police were called again on Aug. 19. According to a report of the incident, Tiffany Burress left her husband at a New York nightclub after the two got into an argument there. Plaxico Burress arrived home later and began playing loud music, it says.

Citing the couple’s small child, Tiffany Burress called police to the house, records show. She got another municipal order against her husband — which also was dismissed at the state level.

This -ish don't make no sense! Tiffany... why would you keep getting these restraining orders then having them dismissed? Ladies ladies ladies... let's smarten up out there! Our mothers didn't bring us into this world to be punching bags and shoving toys! They brought us here to be lovers, protectors, queens, and most of all to be loved, honored, and adored by all!

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