Fatman Scoop and Wife Get Talk Show

It's so funny how you can talk things up! Just the other day me and my best friend were talking about these two and their little podcasts that they also featured on their Myspace page they have. And when I told my friend about their video blog on myspace and what they talk about, she was like "I'm not taking no advice from a man who wears a wife beater and boxers with kisses all over them, let alone the woman who allowed him to walk out of the house looking like that. She was talking in referrence to what Scoop wore to the VMA's this year!

It seems that DJ Fatman Scoop and his wife Shanda are taking their lessons in love to a television near you. The couple have already sealed the deal for the show. It will be with MTV and the couple will be bringing their knowledge and insight about love and turn it into a late night talk-show on MTV.

The show is titled “Its called ‘Man and Wife,’” Scoop told SOHH.com. “It’s coming on September 29th at 11 o’clock on MTV. We answer email, voicemail and video submission and all of it’s done from our bed,” his wife Shanda added. “It’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen on television which I’m proudest of.”

I remember the first time I came upon it on Myspace, I was like "what in the world are they doing?" I was just praying that we wasn't about to view these two get it on live. Uggggh!!! But “Man and Wife” started as a weekly podcast where Scoop and Shanda sat in their bed and talked about everything from sex, money, politics, marriage, etc... It quickly took off and got the attention of people all over the world and apparently executives at MTV who signed them to a television development deal.

For more of Shanda and Scoop’s marital advice, check out their podcast here and tune in to “Man and Wife” when it premieres on MTV on September 29th at 11 p.m.

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Niik said...

I still say I am NOT taking advice from a man who wears his drawls out in public or the woman who allows him too.....