Jam Master Jay Slaying On Americas Most Wanted

Just as the authorities have yet to fine the murderers of Tupac and Biggie, the case is the same with hip hop legend Jam Master Jay from Run-DMC. There has been more pressure on the ones who are guilty of this crime, especially now that America's Most Wanted will be getting involved.

AMW is set to feature the unsolved murder of Jay during an upcoming episode. Jay was gunned down on in October of 02 inside his recording studio located in his hometown of Hollis Queens.

It just baffles me how the murder of someone so prominent in the hip hop community and an icon in that same arena, can go unsolved for so long. Especially with the fact that when the murder took place... there was six... yes folks... six people present in the the dag on studio. You know... ya'll dudes and some of you females kill me with this no snitching crap! If this was your brother or your father would you snitch then? So what's the damn difference! But you steady want to holla "Oh...that was my boy", "I'd die for that dude". Get outta here! But you won't bring the people who did this to your "boy" to justice?

Those present in the studio included associates of Jam Master Jay: Uriel “Pretty Tony” Rincon, Mike B., Jay’s assistant Lydia Allen High and her brother Randy Allen. While Jam Master Jay was sitting on a couch in the recording studio, two unknown assailants entered the recording studio and shot Jam Master Jay once in the back of the head. Rincon was also shot in the leg by a stray bullet, but was not seriously wounded.

After the shooting, a number of suspects emerged - mostly Jay’s close friends in the studio who witnessed the murder - yet no one has ever been charged for one of the music industry’s most heinous crimes. Even police detectives with the 103rd Police Precinct in Queens, as well as Jam Master Jay’s own mother have pointed to Jay’s inner circle as stonewalling the investigation. Those present that evening all say that they had anything to do with it. One person of interest officially emerged in the murder by the name of Tinard Washington, a child hood friend of Jam Master Jay, who was also implicated in the murder of Randy “Stretch” Walker. Walker, who was present when Tupac Shakur was shot inside of the Quad Recording Studios, was machine gunned to death on a Queens street, after a high speed car chase.

Washington, who was also a childhood friend of Jam Master Jay, was implicated in the murders by unnamed witnesses. He has previously denied his involvement in the murder of Jam Master Jay.

Jam Master Jay’s segment on America’s Most Wanted is currently in pre-production.

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