Clay Aiken Comes Out...Bout Time!!!!

This should come as no surprise to anyone but Clay Aiken himself. He's finally realized what he all knew from the first moment he walked his Peppermint Patty lookin behind out on the American Idol auditions... He's gay.

That's right folks. Despite Clay just fathering a child, obviously through artificial incemination, he is joining the ranks of the out and proud.

The Southern Belle-boy has revealed in an upcoming issue of People magazine which hits newsstands Wednesday, that he is gay.

So whether you're saying "Huh?!" or "About time!" this is the new state of the Claynation.

"We can confirm that Clay Aiken and his son are featured on the next issue of People" is all the magazine would say in response to questions about its leaked cover, which boasts the pullout quote: "Yes, I'm gay." "I cannot raise a child to lie or to hide things," he says.

The 29-year-old pop star's sexuality came under increased scrutiny when he admitted to fathering a child with fiftysomething Jaymes Foster, sister of famed music producer David Foster.

Parker Foster Aiken was born Aug. 8 in North Carolina, with Aiken writing on his blog that all families involved were "thrilled."

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CT said...

ok, and who is surprised by this? i don't think this tidbit warranted the cover of people mag but then again, they gave lance bass the same treatment. at any rate, it is not a surprise and was not a surprise ever since he showed up on the american idol stage.

nice name for the baby though.