Ne-Yo To Make An Autobiographical Film... Sort Of!

I see young Ne-Yo has been a pretty busy guy lately. Aside from his many writing, producing, and singing gigs, he's now adding film-maker to the repertoire.

The R&B singer just released his third lp a few weeks ago titled, "Year of the Gentleman", which debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200. With the music scene becoming more monotinous by the day, Ne-Yo is about to expand his foray into Hollywood with a semi-autobiographical film that he describes as his own "8 Mile".

“We are putting together the next film right now as we speak, as a matter of fact. The name of the movie is Venice Beach and basically it’s going to be my 8 Mile, loosely based on my life, but not really,” says the 28-year-old singer/songwriter.

After his first movie back in 2007 with Stomp The Yard, Ne-Yo is aiming for perfection with this one. “There’s a lot of room for it to be either really good or really corny. We gotta make sure the script is right, so that’s why we ain’t start shooting yet. We gotta get it right." He's aiming for December to begin the actual filming of the movie.

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