Beauty 101: Emergency Makeup Kit

I remember when I was going to take my senior pictures for high school, my aunt asked me to wipe something off of my face. I turned to her and asked for a mirror, and she gave me the most gastly look ever. "You don't have a mirror in your purse?" she shrieked. Totally clueless as to why this woman was spazzing out about a little ol mirror, I whimpered, "no." At that moment, my aunt schooled me on the "must haves" that a lady should always carry with her in her purse; a mirror, a pack of tissues, and some change to make a phone call (yes, this was before cell phones were big).

But what about makeup essentials? Whether you're on a train, in a car, going near, going far—once you’ve left the comfort of your very own makeup stash, nothing’s worse than realizing you’ve left [insert essential beauty product here] at home! Make sure to carry these handy emergency products wherever you go, and face beauty 911 situations no more!

Emergency: Surprise! A monster pimple welcomes itself to your precious face.
Solution: Laura Geller Caulk Pencil & Sharpener

Say, “Bye Bye” to unwanted afternoon blemishes with Laura Geller’s Caulk Pencil. This light-diffusing concealer pencil, infused with skin-adoring Vitamin E, sports a latex-free sponge that makes blending a snap. Available in light, medium, and dark…this tiny tool goes a long way. Sephora.com. $23.50

Emergency: Cold weather leaves your lips cracked and dry.
Solution: Chapstick Lip Moisturizer

It’s lean, it’s mean, it’s Chapstick! An American favorite since the 1870’s, Chapstick Moisturizer softens and protects lips with 11 moisturizers (including Aloe and Vitamin E) and SPF 15! What would your pout be without it? Ps. Hands feeling dry? Swipe Chapstick Moisturizer over any chapped areas (hands, elbows, etc), and show your skin some love. Drugstore.com. $1.99

Emergency: Oops! You forgot to apply deodorant this morning.
Solution: Missoni Eau de Parfum Refillable Purse Spray

Scent and style meet as one with Missoni’s Eau de Parfum Refillable Purse Spray. .51 oz of this signature scent (adorable!!) plus one Eau de Parfum Purse Spray Refill are all you need to cover up any unwanted midday odors. Phew! Shop.nordstrom.com. $70.

Emergency: Yesterday’s manicure begins to chip.
Solution: Sally Hansen’s Color Quick Fast Dry Nail Color Pen

Sally Hansen’s Color Quick Fast Dry Nail Color Pen is a heaven-sent solution to manicure touch-ups. This new product, no larger than a Sharpie marker, contains Sally Hansen’s quick-drying nail polish formula in a handy no-spill applicator. Simply shake the pen, click to dispense the flow of color, and apply as many coats as needed. Choose one Color Quick's of 20 available colors and get ready to click, color, and go! Sallyhansen.com. $8.

Emergency: Onion bagel=delicious. Post-onion breath=not so much.
Solution: GoSMILE Elixir Good-For-You Breath Freshener

Say hello to my little on-the-go, tooth-whitening, breath-freshening friend! GoSMILE Elixir Good-For-You Breath Freshener works to rid (not just cover up) bad breath and bacteria (gross!) by creating an optimal pH balance inside the mouth. Simply mist twice into the mouth three times a day, and get ready to say, “aaaah!” Sephora.com. $29.

Emergency: Lipcolor is fading…fast.
Solution: Stila Lip Rouge Pen

Pucker up with Stila’s Lip Rouge Pen, “the makeup incarnation of a felt-tipped magic marker.” Can you say, indelible? Just turn the pen upside down to get the everlasting color flowing, then brush on for a rouge, matte finish (from Soft Fuschia to Warm Peachy Brown). Muah!Sephora.com. $20.

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Thanks for the tips!! All these products are essential for a makeup kit!!