MTV's Hood Fab Comes To Atlanta

Ok... who has actually seen this show called "hoodFab" from MTV? Me neither!

Well basically, the show is centered on pitting local residents of whatever hood against some of rap’s biggest names. The show is hosted by some dude named Buttahman who travels cross country challenging the knowledge of both contestants. But guess what the prizes are ya'll??? Just guess!!! No, no cash, no fancy rides, no trips to a resort or nothin! All you get is a pack of Fruit of the Looms or some dag on tube socks!!! WTH?

Buttahman categorizes the show as "The Brokest Game Show in America", simply because they do it just to have something to do for fun and good times. I won't hate on that. Give the black folks something to do in the hood. Work them minds on out then!!!

In the past, previous seasons have featured the comedic host in popular cities like New York and Los Angeles, this time around Buttahman is taking the show to Atlanta - from Bankhead to the 4th Ward. On the season’s premiere, which debuted on Tuesday (September 23), Buttahman went to the Bowen Homes, pitting local rapper Shawty Lo against a fellow resident.

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Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

next there will be suburgfab
have a great weekend