Treach Was The Middle Man For Faith and Tupac's Hookup

If you have yet to go out and purchase Faith Evans new book, Keep the Faith: A Memoir, then you need to high tail it on over to Barnes and Noble, Borders, or whatever book store you can. Heck, I think they even sell it at Wal-Mart.

Anyways, in the book Faith talks about her chance meeting with the late Tupac Shakur and who hooked them up. Here's how it played out:

"One night, I went out to the Hollywood Athletic Club with some friends. As soon as we get inside, I see Treach from Naughty By Nature. We exchanged hugs and greetings and I introduced Treach to my friends."

"Somebody here wants to meet you," Treach said. "Who?" I asked.

"My boy Tupac wants to say what's up," Treach said, gesturing to a table behind him.

Before I go any farther, let me be absolutely clear on something. Many people have asked me why I wouldn't peel off in the opposite direction when I heard Tupac's name. And the answer is simple: There was no need. I didn't know anything about what label Pac was signed to, whom he was cool with, whom he had beef with.

"Almost immediately after we were introduced, a photographer who had been trolling the club for celebrities came up to us and asked us to pose."

After we exchanged pleasantries, Tupac began to compliment me. "I really like your music," he said. "I want to do a song with you."

I said, "You'd have to get clearance from my label to do that." "That's not a problem," he said. "It's not going to be cheap," I told him. "And, I need my money up front."

"How much?" I replied, "It's going to be twenty-five thousand dollars." "No problem," he said.

Two days later I spoke to Big. I told him, "I met Pac out here, he wants me to do a song with him." "Oh word?" Big said. "You gonna do it?" "If the money comes through, yeah, I'll do it."

"The next night was the party for the release of the "Waiting To Exhale," soundtrack. I took a limo to the party with my friend Nicci, a singer in the group Brownstone. A soon as we pulled up, my cell phone rung. "What's up Faith. Where you at?" It was Tupac. I told him I was at the Waiting To Exhale party. He said, "I'm here, too!"

"I looked out the car window, and there he was. He made a bee line for the car, opened up the door and jumped in the backseat with us. I wasn't planning on hanging out with Pac. I introduced him to my friend and we chatted until it was time to hit the red carpet." When we got inside the venue, I found our table and sat down. I was just starting to get comfortable when Pac slid into a chair next to me and Nicci. He was acting like he was going to sit there for the rest of the night.

"Tupac eventually left our table and was mingling. After the party ended, we went outside to our limo and Tupac was standing there. "Where ya'll going now?" "We're going to a party at the Peninsula hotel," I said quickly. He said, "That's where I'm staying!" I'll catch a ride over there with ya'll. Tupac jumped in the limo and stretched out, making himself comfortable. Now, I was definitely feeling weird."

"After the party at the hotel, we hung out a bit more with Tupac and his friends, shared a blunt and discussed specifics on my guest appearance on an upcoming record."

A few days later, Pac arrived at my house driving a black convertible Mercedes-Benz with the top down. At this time, Pac had enough fame and notoriety that he did not need to be driving around Los Angeles in a top-down convertible. At that moment I wanted to tell him that I would drive to the studio myself in my rental car. But I didn't. I just got in the car and we pulled off. I noticed immediately that a black Town Car was following us. From the look of the beefy guys in the backseat, they were security guards.

"The ride to the studio was about 15 minutes. We didn't talk much. I didn't like any of it, the convertible, the security behind us, none of it felt right. I decided I would go in, lay down my vocals and haul ass out of the studio as soon as possible."

We pulled up to a nondescript parking lot in nearby Tarzana. I followed Tupac through the doors. As soon as the doors opened, I saw blood-red carpeting throughout the hallway entrance and lighted sign that said "Death Row Records."

"I felt the blood rush from my face and I thought I was going to pass out."

Go get this book ya'll!


Big Cheekz said...

ummm... i think i'll keep searching the net for excerpts like this before i spend my money on her book :)

Niik said...

LOL that 1st comment was hella-funny! Send me the links to the excerpts too!

╚» ♥ Baby ♥ «╝ said...

i refuse to believe Pac was running behind her like that.
she used to look like a washed up crackhead back in the day...
she still does but..uh.
so yeah..don't believe it.

Anonymous said...

Of course Pac was running behind her. It was a chess move against Biggie and Bad Boy. The best way to get at a man, is to mess with his woman.

Anonymous said...

this bitch actin like he was just all on her jock, bullshit, if u cheated on big before im pretty sure u cheated on him again,tryna make it seem like she was an angel throughout the whole situation, i heard about her in the studio wit pac all on his lap hug'd up wit em and shit, dat bitch a fuckin liar

Anonymous said...

Ayo, whoever posted Anoymous on 11/25/2010, I'm feelin ya man, from word 1 the whole script Faith put out is straight see-thru contrived bullshit, ringing almost too true to what the bitch would say trying to make Pac out to be all 1-sided pursuer and her this chaste "who me?" innocent in the situation...if I had any question whther Pac banged her out before, her strictly-including-any-facts-other-people-witnessed but fully fake-ass account of these interactions w/ the Late Great lays those questions to rest-- like Pac prolly did after he smacked that to sleep at her spot when he rolled up in the Benz with the titties out (or top down, howver y'all want to put it, nuff respect to Nas). Its funny that I had doubts until I read her denial, bitch need better lying game or writing skill, she gonna fuck around and be two-faced and cheatin like that

robert robinson said...

Pac hit it...she just need to come outta the closet and say it..that movie notorious was bullshit they left a lot out..

Unknown said...
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Vanessa Gonzales said...

That's right. She also acts like she was disgusted at a man flirting with her, her own man was flirting all up on women all day anyway so what's the problem now. Everybody want to talk shit about Tupac when he's gone but nobody had the guts to talk about him when he was alive, cowards.