Reggie Bush Is Ready To Take The Plunge

Reggie Bush has made it plain and clear that he wants no other woman than the one he's been with for the last year and a half. He just did an interview with NFL.com put it out there that he's ready to wife Kim and make her the mother of his children. I'm not mad at him. It's too much stuff going on now a days and there is nothing out there anyways. I think we all thought that this relationship wouldn't last, but I guess they proved us wrong. I'm happy for them! Here's what Reggie had to say:

How is it going with girlfriend Kim Kardashian?

“Great,” he said. “Great girl. Great friend.”

Is marriage to her in the plans?

“Yes,” he replied.


“Don’t know. But it’s coming.”


“Definitely. Absolutely. I look forward to being a father.”

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