Andre 3000 Launches Benjamin Bixby Clothing Line

Most definitely, Andre 3000 isn't the first rapper to design clothes, but he's definitely set himself apart from the rest with his unique clothing line for men, Benjamin Bixby.

The line can best be described as a range of 1930s-influenced American football clobber, including cashmere cardies, numbered sweaters and fitted sweat tops. Andre wanted his clothing line to not just be an overnight entertainer brand, but a brand that stuck out and was going to have longevity. He knew that he couldn't name it something so conspicuous as "Andre 3000" if he wanted to compete with the other major menswear labels out there, which is why he named it Benjamin Bixby, so that it has an aire of class about it when you hear it or speak about it.

Dre says he knew his line was something big when he saw rock n roll legend Mick Jagger taking a picture of the clothes in a window at Barney's New York. "That," says Benjamin, finger-snapping the air with unbridled satisfaction, "felt pretty good"

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