50 Cent Claims Jay Z Not Famous Until April 4!

I know I know... ya'll are just as tired of hearing about 50 Cent as I am, but... dude just won't shut the *uck up!!!

If I didn't know any better, I'd have to say that after I heard this comment, I could definitively say that dude has been under a damn rock! Ok... well maybe not under a rock, but I'm sure his uber inflatted ego was the reason for his recent ramblings to MTV.com.

The Get Rich or Die Trying star has just made the outrageous claim that rap rival Jay Z wasn't all that famous until he married Beyoncé! Yes... you heard me right! Dude really thinks that Jay, one of the most famous rappers in the world, has only been a celebrity since April, despite the fact he had his first international hit in 1998.

"I'm a big fan of Jay-Z," 50 told MTV.com, "but outside of the States and hip-hop circles, no one really knew who he was until he married." Are you serious Fif? Surely some of the people who bought 50 million+ of Jay's records outside of the US must know who he is. But he might be a little closer to the mark on this one. 50 Cent also argued that the entrepreneur doesn't have $1 billion in the bank, despite several reports that he does."I don't believe he's worth that much!," he told the site. " It's all been exaggerated. I'm comfortable. I don't want for anything so I'm not in a race."

Whatever helps you sleep at night buddy!

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