Baron Davis Joins Jenny Craig

LA Clippers basketball star Baron Davis is the latest celebrity to join the ranks of Jenny Craig to lose weight.

What motivated Baron to jump on the Jenny Train? It wasn't that he's too fat, or out of shape, it was Jenny’s latest celebrity endorser, Queen Latifah.

Davis says, “I know Queen Latifah, and when I saw her out there using it, I thought maybe I could use it, too, to work on my health and fitness goals and inspire others.”

Baron signed up for Jenny after his fitness regime began to slow down during the off-season. “In the off-season, it’s kind of hard to maintain day-to-day,” he says. “I don’t want to get up and cook. And when I pig out, I’m the type of person where there’s no limit to what I can do.”

And Baron is seeing results being on the program, despite some teasing by friends.

“They were like, ‘Huh? Why is Jenny Craig in your fridge? Why are you eating this?’ But then I’d be at a friend’s house and have my weekly check-in call, and they saw how serious I was about it and it helped.”

On Friday, Baron will hold a press conference in Beverly Hills during which he’ll address exactly how much weight he’s lost on Jenny Craig.

And the weight came off at the right time – Baron starts practice this week for his first season with the Clippers (he played previously for the Golden State Warriors).

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