Teairra Mari and Casha Square Off Over Pleasure P

Is there really that much of a shortage of men, that women are literally coming to blows over one? You damn skippy there is. This -ish has been happening since the beginning of time and I highly doubt if it's going to taper off anytime soon. Teairra Mari, former Princess of the ROC (ha!), and new booty on da block Casha, who sings the hook on Yung Turds "Give Me The Business", reportedly got into a little squabble the other night over former Pretty Ricky member, Pleasure P.

I take it Pleasure P must be puttin it down somethin serious if it's like this. Seems as if there was quite a bit of drinking going on at Club Snatch in Los Angeles, and when Casha greeted Pleasure P with a hug and a little rump shakin, all hell broke loose. The girls didn't actually fight, but it got really hectic up in that piece.

Both Teairra Mari and Casha have been with Ray J, and Lil Wayne, and I take it we need to gon' head and add ol Pleasure P to that list of share and share alike. Ya'll need to move around or stop hangin in the same spots or something. Somebody is always getting somebodies left overs! Eeee-yuk!

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