Niecy Nash Gets Cancelled!

First up on the chopping block for the Fall line up of shows... Niecy Nash and her crew over at Fox with their new show, Do Not Disturb.

The show has been the first cancellation of the fall season. Sources confirm that the critically savaged sitcom, starring a slumming Jerry O'Connell and Niecy Nash, has been axed after three low-rated episodes.

The show's Wednesday time slot will be filled with repeats of 'Til Death, which upgrades the network's 9 to 10 p.m. comedy block from excruciatingly painful to unbearably painful. (And yes, that is an upgrade, albeit a very slight one.) A Fox insider insists no official decision has been made re: Do Not Disturb's fate. UPDATE: Fox is now confirming the show's demise. News comes just days after DND's producers publicly apologized for making such a crappy show. All's forgiven! Just don't do this -ish again!

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The Coconut Diaries said...

That's too bad...I like Niecy Nash but I never got around to watching that show. Too much good stuff on Wednesday night and my DVR can't record it all!