Is It Me or Would A Show With These Two Be Great!

I'm sure there are gobs of you guys out there who won't agree with me on this but... I would like to see Diddy do a spin off of something with just Dawn and Q's relationship. I just finished watching the latest episode of making the band and I tell ya... that Q is so in love with Dawn it ain't even funny! It is so good to see a man not being ashamed of his emotions and recognizing them and a good woman when he has one. Even though they are a bit overly mushy at times, these two are still waaaay cute together. I mean hell, if MTV could give a show to Nik Lachey and Jessica Simpson, then they damn sure could do something with these two! Diddy would be a fool not to. I just want to see what Q looks like when he's angry over love! He's always got that big ol' goofy grin on his face from the sheer bliss of it all, that picturing him mad is a bit impossible. Not wishing any ill will on these two, but I'd like to see them argue just one time! I mean, just to see them away from everybody else and exploring their relationship without the nosiness of either groups would be great!

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The Coconut Diaries said...

Yeah, it's just you. As much as I LOVES Dawn, all his "I want to marry you" business is crazy. They've been together for like 2 weeks! Plus, everyone that has a relationship show on MTV has ended in divorce so let's not jinx them.