Let Your Voice Be Heard... By Any Means Necessary!

With the voter registration deadline of October 6 soon approaching, there are still way too many people of legal age, still not registered to vote!

The BET Networks is making an unprecedented, nationwide effort to encourage its audience to "STAND UP, SIGN UP, BE HEARD."

On Saturday, Sept. 27, BET Networks will host an on-air voter registration day from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. (ET/PT) aimed at getting people registered to vote. The special will re-air from 5-8 p.m. (ET/PT) Saturday.

During this historic, three-hour "Stand Up, Sigh Up, Be Heard: The BET Voter Registration Day” special, the BET studio in New York City will serve as the headquarters for the event, featuring host Queen Latifah, with appearances by Jim Jones and Mary Mary, and an in-studio audience of 100 unregistered voters.

In addition, BET will present live remote coverage from voter registration rallies taking place in cities in four key battleground states: Cleveland, Ohio; Detroit; Norfolk, Va.; and Philadelphia. At each rally, thousands of people will gather to register to vote, receive valuable voter registration information and hear about the importance of voting from BET hosts and news correspondents, as well as celebrity guests.

"To support this historic presidential election, we are making a major, dedicated effort to mobilize the hugely significant voting block of unregistered African Americans to sign up and get to the polls," said Debra L. Lee, chairwoman and chief executive officer of BET Networks. "The numbers don't lie. African-American voters have the potential to impact the outcomes of several states on Election Day. With more than 8 million African Americans not yet registered to vote, BET Networks is seizing this Saturday … as the moment to encourage our audience to embrace their civic duty and get on the rolls, so that they're set to vote in November and make a real difference in this election."

People please... if you are at least 18, go register to vote!!! Go to the church, the library, your DMV, wherever you can, and get registered. Don't let these rumors about home foreclosures, and not being able to be on taxes, and all the other things the Republican party is putting out there deter you from this historic event. Voting is your right! Don't just register... make sure that you go vote when it's time to vote as well! If you don't vote... you have no room to complain about your future. You had a chance to speak... USE IT!

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