Dancing With The Stars Is Actually A Pretty Good Show

I will shame the devil and tell the truth; I watched Dancing With The Stars last night, and honestly, I'm glad I did. It was pretty funny and quite interesting. They've really got some great people on there this season. From an 18 yr old to the octogenarian, Cloris Leachman, who received a lousy 16/30. It was too funny watching her old behind dance. Nothing against old people of course, but I swear she was on the verge of breaking a hip if she moved too hard. Bless her heart. But she was funny as hell.

Soap legend Susan Lucci nabbed a 15, which celeb chef Rocco DiSpirito took home a pathetic 14. But the lowest score - 12 - went to comedian Jeffrey Ross, who suffered a scratched cornea after his partner Edyta Sliwinska accidentally poked him during a rehearsal Monday.

While Brooke Burke dominated the competition with a score of 23 out of 30, Lance Bass, Toni Braxton, Kim Kardashian, Cody Linley, Ted McGinley, NFL star Warren Sapp and Olympic gold medalists Misty May-Treanor and Maurice Greene all managed to score above 15.

In my opinion, Lance Bass was the best. He and his partner danced the cha cha but to a rock and roll kind of funky beat. It was awesome. "I am so happy, I could not be happier," Bass said. "We had fun, we showed our personalities. We worked so hard the last four weeks, and I thought we brought it!"

Dont' knock it, til you watch it people!!!!

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CT said...

i am not ashamed to admit that i love to watch this show too. this season ought to be a trip simply because of cloris. she curses like a sailor and the censors are going to work overtime with that bleep button cause she acts like she can't control it.
i just hope that toni braxton doesn't fall out midseason like marie osmond did that year. she is breathing mighty hard at the end of each dance but she is doing well. warren sapp- HAHAHAHAHAHA- now THAT is some funny shiznit right there. not because he can't dance, but because he looks like a walrus doing it. he looks like he is having fun though.