BET Cancels Rap City

Times are hard on everybody these days. The economy is in shambles, banks are closing, no gas available, and now BET is pulling the plug on an iconic hip hop show. MTV set the presedence with the cancellation of one of their biggest shows, TRL, and now BET has announced that Rap City is no more!

From what I'm hearing, we still have at least another month or so of the show because the last show supposedly isn't until October 26th.

There has been much talk within the Viacom family, on the airwaves and on other blog sites about this change "possibly" happening and now it's looking like it's a done deal!

I think we all pretty much knew this was coming. Rap City hasn't really done too much since conception in 1989. Rap City was brought to the masses to compete with Yo! MTV Raps and their dynamic host Fab 5 Freddie! I know some of you young butts are like "WHO?" Look it up!!!

Unlike Yo!, Rap City went throught a plethera of hosts from their initial host in The self proclaimed "Mayor of Hip Hop" Chris Thomas, to Rap City's best host Big Tigger! I think when Tigger left, that's when things went down! I think J-Nicks knew what the deal was, which is why he's here in Atlanta on the radio! It's definitely sad to see something that you grew up on die a slow and painful death! But... I really wish they would have done away with that dag on 106th and Park! I so dislike that show and it's dumb ass hosts Terrence and Rocsi!

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Fresh said...

someone needs to cancel BET altogether...

either that or take the "Black" out of B.E.T. and just call it Music and Entertainment Television or something, cuz i dont want that shit representing me, cuz it doesnt, black people are so far from what they depict on BET.