Who Cares: Game To Do Anger Management

The Game was in court today where he had to answer to the charges of criminal battery for a family brawl which took place at the funeral of one of his cousins.

A Los Angeles County Superior Court judge gave The Game an ultimatum to participate in anger management classes or go to jail on criminal battery charges today, says TMZ.

As previously reported, Game was involved in a funeral scuffle with his cousin, Robert "Kirky" Kirkwood. According to reports of the incident, the Compton MC promised to finance part of his cousin's funeral but backed out when it was time to ante up the cash. Game then showed up at the funeral where he spoke about the importance of family values.

After the funeral, Kirkwood claimed he wanted to talk to Game about the cash but an argument started, ending with the rapper punching his him in the face.

Despite Game's reported aggression, the judge agreed to let him skate on jail time as long as he completes 36 anger management classes by February 2009.

If convicted of the criminal battery charges, Game could have faced a significant amount of time in jail.

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