Axel Foley is Back On The Job

24 years after the original and 14 years after the last installment, Beverly Hills Cop is back with part 4. As if we really needed another ridiculously overran series. This is very reminiscent of the Friday The 13th, Rocky, Die Hard, Indiana Jones and any other movies that just don't know how to end themselves. But I can't be mad at Eddie for wanting to go back to the days when he was a big hit in Hollywood and not just another black actor ridiculing himself in front of millions for the sake of making a buck or two. Brett Ratner, of the Rush Hour series is in talks with Paramount to direct the movie. Let the snooze fest begin!

Diddy and The GIrls Playing Around

Diddy is seen out and about with his two cutie pie baby girls D'Lila and Jessie. I swear you would get the impression that he has no other kids the way he spends so much time with his girls. Totally not saying there is anything wrong with that, but at least give the media and us bloggers pictures of you interacting with ALL of your kids.

Usher Covers Vibe

Usher is mad at ya'll. Can't you tell? He's giving you the... ring finger *blank stare*! Usher is on the July cover of Vibe magazine. He's still insistant upon defending his marriage to Tameka Foster *sigh*... again! Who cares dude. To me, in my opinion, you're doing too much Ush. Let it go. You know what you and ol girl have so that should be all that matters. But who am I but a lowly ex-fan. Why am I an EX fan? Because of -ish like this. You're just doing too much dude! Seriously. You're defending your marital situation like you're trying to convince everyone that you're happy with your decision, but it's only looking like you're trying to convince no one but yourself homeboy!


50's House Ablaze

50 Cent and his baby mama Shaniqua Tompkins are really in the heat of the fire now. The rapper and his ex have been in a bitter battle between who get's that beautiful home that you see pictured in flames above. The fire occured just days after 50 and Shaniqua got into a ferocious arguement in the attorneys office on Monday and later lead to the two being video taped on the streets of New York arguing with each other. No one was hurt in the fired that started somewhere around 5:30 am. Thompkins, 50's son, and four other people were inside the home when the fire broke out and had to be rushed to the hospital for smoke inhilation. 50 won a judgement in April against his ex regarding her getting out of the home that does not belong to her. The judge in the case gave Ms. Thompkins until the end of the school year to get out. Well... now she's gone 50. Is this what you really wanted? I'm sure he or some of his buddies did this. He doesn't care, his insurance will pay for it.

"The Rock" Pays Ex-Wife A Pretty Penny

In accordance with the divorce agreement between Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and his now ex-wife Dany Garcia-Johnson, The Rock has to pay his ex $22,454 a month in child support! What the heezy?? The couple have a 7 year old daughter named Simone and they share custody. Also, they have an agreemnt to put $5000 a month into a trust fund for Simone to help with her adult life, i.e., college, living expenses, purses, shoes, expensive clothes, etc.... I'm playin about that last lil bit. But it's all good for Dany because she's a financial analyst and made over $700,000 last year. So what the hell does she need $22g's a month for? I need to find me a celebrity baby daddy! Good grief Charlie Brown!

Nas' New Album Cover

Despite what the artist originally wanted, Nas' new album is not titled N*gger like he wanted. Nor is it titled Nasir as I reported earlier. It is simply Nas. I see from the album cover, that he's still trying to elude to the fact that the album should still be what it was originally titled. Notice how the whip marks make a "N"?

Dunkin' Donuts Pulls Rachael Ray Ads

Here we go again!! Another advertiser pulling ads strictly because people are scared of EVERYTHING. Point in case, Dunkin Donuts has just pulled an ad featuring Food Networks Rachael Ray wearing a fringed scarf. Why did they pull the ad you ask? Simply because people are scared that Rach is promoting terrorism in the ad by wearing the black and white fringed scarf. Dunkin' Brands Inc., says that the ad, which first aired on May 7, was pulled over the weekend because "the possibility of misperception detracted from its original intention to promote our iced coffee." Critics claim that the ad offers symbolic support for Muslim extremism and terrorism. They also say that the scarf draped around her neck looks like a kaffiyeh, the traditional Arab headdress.
Come on now people. When are we going to stop all of this assuming and misinterpretation of simple ideas? I understand the fact that we need to keep our guards up in efforts to thwart terrorism, but going to extremes such as these are getting a bit ridiculous. In no way shape or form am I defending terrorism or extremism. I'm just saying why do we have to conform to them, when they don't conform to us?


Sean Levert Died of Natural Causes

The County Coroner has ruled that Sean Leverts death was from natural causes. As you all remember, Sean was doing a 22 month sentence for failure to pay child support. According to the jail warden, Sean had been acting strangely all day and then began beating on his jail cell door when guards had to come in to restrain him. Once restrained, guards noticed that his breathing became shallow and rushed him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. All of this occured back in March of this year. The coroner reports that he had a few things wrong at the time of death including cardiovascular disease (heart disease), and withdrawls from alprazolam aka Xanax- a drug used to treat anxiety and panic attacks.

Quincy Brown Does It Big On MTV's Super Sweet 16

Quincy Brown is definitely a cutie pie. With looks almost identical to his father, 90's R&B sensation, Al B. Sure, unibrow and all, and money as wide and deep as the ocean like his stepdaddy, Sean "Diddy" Combs, this young cat is sure to go far. If you seen him this past Monday on MTV's Super Sweet 16, you would have seen how Papa Diddy, spares no expense for the boy he considers to be his own flesh and blood. Diddy handed over his black card to Quincy and told him "Go buy New York boy!". What the hell? I WISH somebody would say some -ish like that to me! Quincy's party was here in the "A" at the Velvet Room. Q's date for the evening? None other than ATL cutie herself Lauren London. There was a dance competition where the winner received five stacks. There was also special performances by Fabo, Hurricane Chris, Gorilla Zoe, Crime Mob, and special guest Bow Wow and Omarion (whoooo-hoo). After all the evenings entertainment, the party moved outside where Papa Diddy presented Quincy with an ultra fresh White Range Rover and an old school white Cadillac convertible.
Gooood Times!

Martin Luther King's First Grandchild

Martin Luther King III and his wife Andrea Waters-King, are seen departing Northside Hospital here in Atlanta after the birth of their first child. They named the baby girl after Martin's sister Yolanda, naming her in full Yolanda Renee King. The beautiful baby girl was born on May 27 and is the first grandchild of the late Martin Luther King and Coretta Scott-King.

Keith Sweat Has A New Album?

Who would have thunk it? What, he hasn't had a real hit since 96.-97 *SIGH* Well, I guess you can't keep an old dog down because he's got a new album titled Just Me which was released on May 13th. This news totally blows my mind because I haven't heard anything about it up until a couple of days ago. The album features songs with Keyshia Cole and Athena Cage from the group Kut-Close. This is Keith's 10th album and since it's debut, sales have decline 62% and he's only sold 51,000 copies.

Will and Jada Have Their Own School

Will and Jada are moving past the realm of the big-screen. The couple has planned to open up a school called "The New Village Academy" in Calabasas, California. The Smiths have home-schooled their children Jaden 9, and Willow 7, for about six years, and found that by doing so, they can open up a new horizon of education for other kids as well. The school will be a private institution that will focus on technology and learning by doing (whatever that means). Will was on Live With Regis & Kelly, and stated that his own experiences with his kids and education is what inspired this idea.
"There are just very powerful educational concepts that we believe in, and we feel like we want to design the system that revolutionizes public education.” Smith said.
The school will open this fall on September 3, and will host prekindergarten through sixth grade students. The school will also provide laptops to each student, as well as all organic, low-fat, sugar free meals. Daaaaaaaang! I am so not mad at them for this. This is wonderful news!

Dior Gives Sharon Stone The "Peace Out"

I would think that this is karma like a biotch! French powerhouse designer Christian Dior says it's dropping longtime spokesmodel/actress Sharon Stone from it's ads that run in China. Why? All because, as I stated before... karma is a biotch! Last week at the Cannes Film Festival, Stone made a devastating remark about the earthquakes that have struck China killing 68,000 people, thus resulting in major repercussions for the actress. Stone made the statement last week and on camera at that. So this isn't just hear-say.
"They're not being nice to the Dalai Lama, who is a friend of mine. And then all of this earthquake and all this happened and I thought, is that karma? When you're not nice, that bad things happen to you?"

Yeah Shar, bad things like you getting the boot from one of the hands that feed you. Didn't your mother ever tell you about that rule girl? Reps from Christian Dior told CNN that Sharon Stone, whom has been the face of Dior for years, will not be featured in any of their ads in China. The company has issued a statement from it's headquarters in Shanghai:

"We absolutely disagree with her hasty comments and we are also deeply sorry about them."

Stone has since issued an apology to Dior for the statement, but doesn't that apology deserve to go out to the people of China? C'mon now, if you're going to attempt to do damage control, do it accordingly. All this is about as bad as those damn Hogans blaming the victim, John Graziano, for their son Nick crashing the car into a tree, and leaving John missing the right frontal lobe of his brain! WAKE UP FOLKS!

Buckeey Get's Buck!

I guess the 15 minutes just weren't enough for FOL's Season 2 cast member "Buckeey". Apparently, she's going for 16 minutes of fame folks. A really raunchy video of ol' Buckeey has surfaced on the net and although it looks a bit dated, it's still Ms. Buckeey raw and uncut. Click this the link below, if you dare, but be forewarned, this is NSFW (not safe for work).

How Did Usher's "Here I Stand" Fare On Day 1 of Sales?

"Here I Stand" hit the shelves May 27th with sales numbering 146,000 at the close of business. Unlike his 2004 ultimate cd "Confessions", which sold around 1.1 million within the first week and spent nine weeks at the top of the Billboard charts. "Confessions" was the 21st best selling album of the Nielsen SoundScan era according to Billboard Magazine. I used to be an avid Usher fan, but he's has really fallen off in my eyes. Maybe it's all the tomfoolery him and Meka-Boo have been doing, or maybe he just doesn't have that swag anymore! Who knows, and who cares!


Al Reynolds Has An Ad... Sans Star!

I so can not believe my eyes. Is this really Al Reynolds? I'm guessing so because UnderArmour just announced that Al aka (ex) Mr. Star Jones, will be their new spokesman for the athletic line. Al will be the first non-sport affiliated spokesman for the line. Reynolds will endorse the 30+ clothing line and the ads will appear starting in July. I'm really shocked!!! I didn't know that this girl dude had a six pack!

Celebs Caught With No Makeup

We caught up with some of Hollywood's most sensational ladies, but caught them on an ultra laid back day! Check it out! Lindsay Lohan~ Not that bad Lisa Kudrow~ Looks like somebodies granny! Pamela Anderson~ It figures Janice Dickinson~ Still looks like the wicked witch of the West with/without makeup Jessica Biel~ Now this is what you call pasty pale Jessica Simpson~ I think I see some grey hair up there! Katie Holmes~ Still looks like a stepford wife Kim Catrall~ Definitely NOT sexy in any city Angelina Jolie~ I can't say nothing wrong about her. I won't. Denise Richards~ Effortless Diana Ross~ I don't know which picture is worse. I swear this is Michael Jacksons real mom. Eva Longoria~ You can tell she was chillin that day~

Ne-Yo and Li-Lo?

Not as a couple, which I'm sure some of you were thinking. This duo is more on the lines as artist and hit song writer, the latter being Ne-Yo. Ne-Yo and producer Stargate had the pleasure of working with Lindsay Lohan on writing a song for her next album. Ne-Yo tells Billboard magazine;
"I gotta admit, we were like ... 'Lindsay Lohan? I mean, I've written for Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, Rihanna, Celine Dion and ... Lindsay Lohan?"
Ne-Yo says that he was amazingly surprised at Lohan's vocal abilities. He heard her sing on titled Bossy and says that he had to call Lindsay and apologize for not having faith in her. Yeah, she does alright with the singing and what not... but the question is, how long is she going to stay sober and when is she going to go back to being a red head. I'm so not feeling the blonde anymore!

Gary Dourdan Pleads Guilty

Gary Dourdan, best known for his role on the critically acclaimed television series, CSI, has pleaded guilty to cocaine and ecstacy possession in court on Wednesday in a California Court of Law. He was formally charged with three felony counts of drug possession. Dourdan, was arrested on April 28th in Palm Springs, California when an officer on patrol spotted Dourdan asleep in his vehicle. He faced up to three years and eight months in prison based on the charges brought against him, but because he's a damn celebrity he faces no jail time but has to the 16 month drug program that the judge assigned to him. Bad Gary *slapping him on the wrist*! This punishment is too damn harsh! Gimme a break dude!
Oh yeah, lest I forget the heroine charge was dismissed. Maybe that's why he's not getting ANY jail time with THREE felonies! What a joke!

Lil Romeo Is Definitely Growing Into A Nice Looking Young Man!

Praise the Lord!!! I have to give thanks because it is truly a blessing that this boy didn't get his looks from his daddy.

Cherish Member Says "I Do!"

On Saturday, May 3rd, Neosha King (23), 1/4 of the group Cherish got married to her boyfriend of 6 years, Jason Lawrence(24), he looks older than that if you ask me. The wedding was a small ceremony in Cocoa Beach, Florida. The wedding party consisted of six bridesmaids and six groomsmen. After the ceremony, the bride and groom, along with 100 other guests boarded the private boat The Indian River Queen. There was a buffet styled dinner, served by a wait staff, and the cake was a three-tier buttercream, picture fram cake (can't quite get the visual for that) which featured images of the bride and groom.

T.I. To Do A Documentary On MTV

You heard it hear folks. T.I. is not only doing his community service, he's taking a camera crew along for the ride as well. MTV has put together a documentary chronically Tip and his family and what he's going through. All of this will lead up to the day that the self proclaimed "King of the South" is sent to jail to do a one year stint. MTV has already put in an 8 episode request. They know that this is going to bring major ratings and I know it too.
In recent interviews, Tip has been very humble and sincere in his words and efforts to reach the youth and show them what not to do in order to "be cool".
"Hopefully the mistakes I've made will be a lesson to today's youth and they won't go down that same path," T.I. said.

Tip didn't need the courts permission to tape the show, but MTV understands the terms of his home confinement and are very willing to abide by those terms. The show will air right after Tip is sent off to do his one year sentence in spring of 2009.


Bow Wow Wants To Be The Next Will Smith

Bow Wow will be rolling with a new "entourage" now; The HBO cast from the actual hit series Entourage that is. The 21 year-old has decided that after six successful albums and a lengthy history in the music game, he wants to shift his energy toward something else he's passionate about, acting. He just recently joined the cast of Entourage and will have a recurring role as a stand up comic named Charlie who is also a client of the show's character "E". Bow Wow says that he wants to be the next Will Smith. As you all recall, Will Smith also started out rapping and has had a very successful acting career. Aside from making onto HBO's line-up, Bow is also set to have a role in the upcoming movie Patriots, which also stars Forest Whitaker, Isaiah Washington, and Lil Wayne.

Ray J Busted

R&B bad boy Ray J was given the ol heave'ho from his hotel room at the Hyatt Regency in Washington, D.C. over the weekend. According to reports, hotel security came to the room after complaints had been lodged with hotel management and ended up finding marijuana and a club drug called "boat". Sources say that Ray J argued with security adamantly about what they found and attempted to bribe the men into letting him stay in the room, but it didn't work. Police were called to the scene but no arrests were made. Ray J and crew left the scene and ended up getting a room down the street at the Holiday Inn.

Sad News For Xzibit

Condolences go out to Xzibit and his family at this time. Recently, X had just announced the birth of his son Xavier on May 15th, but on his myspace blog, he posted the sad news of his son's passing...
AS you all know, I shared with you the announcement of my newborn son Xavier Kingston Joiner on may 15th and also informed you that he was born prematurely. well this week was extremely difficult for him because his lungs were not strong enough to handle regular oxygen on his own. Xavier passed away this morning at 3:30am and I must tell you this, It is unnatural for a parent to bury a child. I am telling you this because of the same reason I tell you when im having great times, life is too short to be fake. Hold on to your kids if you have them, protect them and show them you love them everyday you wake up and see them, don’t take a second you get to hug them teach them and care for them for granted. You can have all the material wealth in the universe but it is NOTHING compared to having your family. I am thankful for all of my blessings and i/m not one to question God’s perfect plan, so I leave you with great love and thanks for the love that was sent earlier on my previous blog to my son. Of course I need to take some time and handle my loss, STAY FOCUSED PEOPLE. Its not promised to any of us.
R.I.P Xavier May 15th 2008- May 26th 2008