Hottest MC In The Game Is...

Last summer, the folks over at MTV compiled a list of "The Hottest Mc's In the Game" at that time. This list was based off of lyrical content, flow, how they've impacted the game, success and swagger. The group of men that comprised this list are called the MTV News Hip Hop Brain Trust with MTV veejay Sway as the head of the group. The group recently got together and revised last years list and came up with a newer more current list using the same criteria but only judging on the success of last year. The New list is as follows:
1) Kayne West
2) Jay-Z
3) Lil Wayne
4) Rick Ross
5) Snoop
6) 50 Cent
7) Lupe Fiasco
8) Young Jeezy
9) Andre 3000
10) T.I.
IMO, this list isn't accurate. Remember this is just my opinion folks. I know that they are judging on success and impact on the game. What I look at is most respected, fierce lyrics, most listened to, who has something of value to say, and simply who's hot. If someone asked me to comprise my own list... it would be like this:
1) Lil Wayne
2) Kanye West
3) Jay-Z
4) Andre 3000
5) Lupe Fiasco
6) T.I.
7) Mos Def
8) Talib Kweli
9) Common
10) 50 Cent
I'm a true HIP HOP fiend. I'm more into what you have to say and if your music says something to me. I don't want to here about how many ki's of dope you moved and have stashed, how many whips you drive, how big your crib is, or how many babes you done bagged in one week. I could care less about that kind of crap. Say something that's going to speak to the masses. Make a statement with your music. I believe my list does that. Remember... This is just my opinion

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