Carmen Electra Takes Her Pole Everywhere... Literally!

That's right ya'll. Carmen Electra has decided to come out with her own line of... get this... portable stripper poles. What in the world??? I get that she does the striptease workout dvd's because that is definitely an entertaining way to exercise and learn some new moves for your man. But taking a strip pole to random locales? Do you love your pole that damn much that you have to show it off to everyone? Some things just need to be kept in the privacy of your own home. Electra says "they're so much fun. I actually put one up in my living room with the help of one of my girlfriends." I won't even go there because I know what you guys are thinking. As for kids, Electra states, "I hope to be a mom one day, but I'm not rushing to be one." Yeah we can see that Carm!

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