Falcons Rookie Gets $72 Mil Contract!

The Atlanta Falcons signed former Boston College QB Matt Ryan to a six year, $72 million contract with a substantial bonus of $34.75 million. GOOD GRIEF CHARLIE BROWN!!! That is $25 million more than the #1 pick Jake Long received. Ryan was the third pick out of the first round in the draft. He will be competing for the 1st string position against Joey Harrington and Chris Redman. I think we all know that with a contract like that and competition with a lack thereof, he'll be getting that position. The deal was completed today between Ryan's agent Tom Condon and The Falcons at 3:15 pm, just 15 minutes before a league imposed deadline which would have made it much more difficult to sign players to a six year contract. I swear I'm in the wrong business!

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