A Noose Necklace?

*SIGH*... i so thought that we were over the whole "noose" issue, but i guess not. The brilliant folks over at the Magical Kingdom aka Disney Co., have created a signature line of jewelry that is part of their "Pirates of the Carribean; Dead Man's Chest" couture jewelry collection. This jewelry is elegantly styled in a necklace with a noose pendant and matching earrings! What the -uck are ya'll thinking Disney? Have we not learned to let a sleeping dog lie when he's down? We have dealt with the racial overtones with the hanging nooses at the various college campus', Jena Louisiana, and general racism in our presidential race. What more are you going to shove down our throats. So I guess it's okay to be a large conglomorate that caters to young children but also promote racist paraphenalia?

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