Ray J Talks Proposal With Essence Mag

As much as I can't stand wack ass Ray J, it seems like he's finally trying to grow up. He recently talked with Essence Magazine about his music, growing up and a possible proposal to singer Whitney Houston, who I might add is 18 yrs his senior. Damn... talk about May December romance! In the interview, Ray J is questioned about his supposedly proposing to Whitney over the phone???? Is that how it's done now? How special can this really be if it's over the phone? I'm just sayin! He says that he did not propose over the phone, but he did have this to say...
"I respect all the young men who are getting married and taking a stand to be faithful and having a good woman in their life who supports them. That’s a good, good look for young men. I congratulate all the young men with the older women who are helping these young men to grow and the young men for keeping the excitement in a beautiful woman’s life. So with that said, I don’t know…"
Duckin and dodgin there ain't'cha Ray? Just answer the damn question and get it over with dude.

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