It's Raining Fake Bills

For a man that claims to be worth a good $300 mil, Floyd Mayweather was sure enough throwing out fake $100 bills like he was penny pinching. If you're going to call yourself "Mr. Make It Rain"... be real about it and do the damn thang... don't half ass on it. Floyd was at Club Pure in Atlanta last night and apparently either he's shiesty or his boys are because they were the ones handing him the bills to throw out. I'm trying to be impartial here and think just maybe he's got some hella sheisty dudes working for him and they've been pocketing the real bills. Either way... this -ish ain't cool by no means. If caught, this is a federal offense. Sources say that one person was caught today. Dude tried to get some gas with the bill that he got off the floor from Floyd last night and the store owner called him out on it. Dang dude, that's some mucked up -ish. Floyd, buddy... you need to revamp ya camp and bust a few heads or something, but you are damn sure about to lose your fan base if this is how you're rollin now! It couldn't have been me though... cuz guess who would have been on my phone at the drop of a dime... EVERY MEDIA OUTLET out there would be. I'd straight put this dude on blast so damn fast!!!!

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