Hip Hop On the DL

Instead of reading another Video Vixen "freaks of the industry" tale, we now have a male persepctive into the secret life of the homosexual rappers in the entertainment industry. I'm sure we've all heard about Pastor Mason Betha trolling the Atlanta corners for tranny fullfilment, but this book is supposed to be a tell all about it! Former MTV executive, Terrance Dean is about to blow the whistle on a few folks. Although, unlike Supahead, he's not naming names, which to me, defeats the purpose of even writing the book, but whatever dude! In the book, Dean writes of tales of the underworld of the homosexual rappers, producers, and songwriters of the industry. Excluding names and replacing them with psuedo names. He talks about the black church community, sex, drugs, and family. Like I said, it defeats the purpose if you're not naming names. I hate blind writing and "who do you think it may be" -ish! If you have the nerve enough to put people on blast and give their activities in vivid detail, dammit just tell the full story. I'm sure the book drops enough clues that we can put two and two together. Dean says that he's not trying to hurt anyone, hence him not disclosing real names. Note to Terrance, if you didn't want to hurt anyone, you shouldn't have wrote the damn book! PERIOD!

Hiding In Hip Hop was relased on May 13th.

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