Da Baddest Chick Has A Clothing Line?

Just like every other rapper out there, Trina is next to follow in the "clothing line" business. Her line is called Pink Diamond Couture. Yeah... whatever. Do we really want to walk around dress like this chick? Uhhh, me no tink so. Either way her line will consist of Jeans, tops, T’s, Velour Sets and jackets all with Trina's signature logo and unique design. Imagine jeans with details such as leather, python and crystals. To add a personal touch to her line the collection comes with a Tattoo that is uniquely Trina’s. No detail is overlooked in the fabric, as well as design.
Yeah, we'll see who's rockin these clothes. I'm sure it will be fierce competition for the House of Doo-On... I mean House of Dereon!

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