T.I. To Do A Documentary On MTV

You heard it hear folks. T.I. is not only doing his community service, he's taking a camera crew along for the ride as well. MTV has put together a documentary chronically Tip and his family and what he's going through. All of this will lead up to the day that the self proclaimed "King of the South" is sent to jail to do a one year stint. MTV has already put in an 8 episode request. They know that this is going to bring major ratings and I know it too.
In recent interviews, Tip has been very humble and sincere in his words and efforts to reach the youth and show them what not to do in order to "be cool".
"Hopefully the mistakes I've made will be a lesson to today's youth and they won't go down that same path," T.I. said.

Tip didn't need the courts permission to tape the show, but MTV understands the terms of his home confinement and are very willing to abide by those terms. The show will air right after Tip is sent off to do his one year sentence in spring of 2009.

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