19 yr old Wins $35 Million Powerball

19 year old Jonathan Vargas got lucky over the weekend. He is now the $35 million richer and that is a really good thing. He's a construction worker and the second oldest of five children. How he picked his numbers for the winning ticket? Simple, his two younger brothers turn 12 and 14 this year, his sister turns 15, his older brother will be 21, and mom just turned 43 earlier this year. The powerball number, "Just a lucky guess" Vargas says. I pray that he does the right thing by the money. He seems like a really good kid. Really humble. He says that he has no real big plans for the money at the moment. He wants to establish a trust fund for his siblings. "You never ask the Lord why you are blessed," he said. "I'm not going to ask the Lord why he put it in my hands."

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