Girl Kidnapped off of MARTA Bus

The picture above is just a police sketch of the woman that was kidnapped off of a MARTA bus early Friday morning. She has yet to be identified, but her kidnapper has been captured. The kidnapper, Johnnie Lee Cannon, 25, is being held in a DeKalb County jail without bond for charges of kidnapping, false imprisonment, hijacking a bus, and boarding a bus with a concealed weapon. The incident happened in Stone Mountain near Snapfinger Woods Drive and Wesley Chapel Road. The man drove in front of the bus forcing it to the shoulder, boarded the bus and forced the woman off of the bus at gun point. It is not known as of yet if there is any type of relationship between the victim and her kidnapper. The victim was last seen wearing a black midriff sweater with a grey shirt underneath, and denim jeans. She stands around 5'6" and weighs around 150. If you or anyone that you know have any kind of information about this, please call 404-848-4911.


Nephew said...

Say baby gurl its Decatur Not Stone Mountain...OH yeah THEY GOT THE WRONG GUY!!!!!!!!!

Co-Worker said...

Yea, boo it is the DECATUR....and they obviously got the wrong dude cuz the Johnnie I know wouldnt even do anything like that! So, dont always go on what you hear!

Cap-Pilla said...

You need to get your info right.My name is Jonathan R Cannon that's my 1st cuz n. his dad was my uncle and was well respected. My cuz n wouldn't do anything like that and he didn't do it. Ga has always like hanging niggas for crimes they didn't do. I guess this is another one of those cases. REAL TALK!