Jigga Man To Rep The Nets

The New Jersey Nets basketball team has decided to send part-owner, Jay-Z to represent them in the NBA Draft Lottery on Tuesday. We all know that Jay has referred to himself "Lucky Lefty" in his music at a point in time, but the Nets will need more than luck on this one. The Nets have a 1.1 percent chance of landing the first of the draft and a mere 4 percent chance at even getting one of the top three picks.
The lottery, which will be aired on ESPN, has gone from being just a 10 minute stretch during halftime of one of the NBA playoff games, to a full 30 minute televised special. I'm sure this is all a cool scheme to get people to tune in and to see how intricate the Jigga Man can be as a business man. Ya'll better respect his hustle.

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