Celebs Caught With No Makeup

We caught up with some of Hollywood's most sensational ladies, but caught them on an ultra laid back day! Check it out! Lindsay Lohan~ Not that bad Lisa Kudrow~ Looks like somebodies granny! Pamela Anderson~ It figures Janice Dickinson~ Still looks like the wicked witch of the West with/without makeup Jessica Biel~ Now this is what you call pasty pale Jessica Simpson~ I think I see some grey hair up there! Katie Holmes~ Still looks like a stepford wife Kim Catrall~ Definitely NOT sexy in any city Angelina Jolie~ I can't say nothing wrong about her. I won't. Denise Richards~ Effortless Diana Ross~ I don't know which picture is worse. I swear this is Michael Jacksons real mom. Eva Longoria~ You can tell she was chillin that day~

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