Flavor Flav Chooses....No One

Ok... I hate to admit it, but I was one of the millions of viewers tuning in to VH1's Flavor of Love 3 every monday night. Drama is just so damn entertaining. You know those ladies were out of their ever loving minds for even attempting to kiss that thang Flav. Yuuuuuuk! If you tuned in like I did, then you know that Flav ended up picking Thing 2, who was initially sent home but then brought back to Paris to finish the journey. The reunion show was aired tonight, and from watching the previews, I think pretty much everybody had the same thoughts that Flav was going to ask Thing 2 to marry him. But when he got to the part where he was talking about their relationship and then he started talking about what he had with his son's mother, and how he had been looking for love all this time and love was right in his face??? We all knew he wasn't talking about Thing 2. He said that a child deserved to have both their mother and their father together and that was his decision... to be with his last son's mother. He ended up bringing her and the baby out and proposed right there on stage to her. You know, Deelishis warned us that this whole thing was a sham. That Flav had signed a contract with VH1 for three shows and BAM!!!!! Here it is, he knew he didn't want none of those girls in the first place, but he damn sure knocked off a couple of them, and that's why he ended up picking Thing 2 because she was the weakest. He knew that she would be the only one to handle a blow like this. If it was that damn Sinceer... ooooooooh buddy... I think she would have kept her word from the previous show and snuck back in the house and clipped on his whoo-haas!!!!

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