Amy Winehouse Late To Receive Her Award

Amy Crackhouse was nowhere in sight when her father, Mitch Winehouse, stepped up to receive a very prestigious award on her behalf. "Amy unfortunately couldn't make it," Mitch Winehouse told guests at the Ivor Novello Awards, where his daughter took the top song prize for "Love Is a Losing Game." "She's getting better, and she sends you all her love." Just as papa Winehouse was finishing up Amy walked in. She told BBC that she was very excited and very flattered to have won the award. Amy Winehouse has had it rough. From assult charges, to drug charges, to her husband Blake, to whom she adorned a red heart shaped hair pendant with his name on it, being incarcerated. Winehouse is only 24 years old and looks 50. In the immortal words of Whitney Houston... "Crack is wack!"

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