Maxims Hot 100

Many celebs came out to Maxims "Hot 100" Party which was held in NY on May 16th. Looks like a nice crowd!
Nicole Scherziner was there. Tichina Arnold was also in attendance Tela Tequila and Wil.I.Am
Amerie Christina Millian Elise Neal Marion and Evan Ross And Megan Good, along with her Ellie Mae shorts. Not hot! Also in attendance were Lindsey Lohan, Ice T and his nasty wife Co-Co, Kim Kardashian, Hilary Duff, and Julissa. The top ten according to Maxim are:
1~ Lindsay Lohan
2~ Jessica Alba
3~ Scarlett Johansson
4~ Christina Aguilera
5~ Jessica Biel
6~ Ali Larter
7~ Eva Mendez
8~ Rihanna
9~ Eva Longoria
10~ Fergie

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