Gary Dourdan Pleads Guilty

Gary Dourdan, best known for his role on the critically acclaimed television series, CSI, has pleaded guilty to cocaine and ecstacy possession in court on Wednesday in a California Court of Law. He was formally charged with three felony counts of drug possession. Dourdan, was arrested on April 28th in Palm Springs, California when an officer on patrol spotted Dourdan asleep in his vehicle. He faced up to three years and eight months in prison based on the charges brought against him, but because he's a damn celebrity he faces no jail time but has to the 16 month drug program that the judge assigned to him. Bad Gary *slapping him on the wrist*! This punishment is too damn harsh! Gimme a break dude!
Oh yeah, lest I forget the heroine charge was dismissed. Maybe that's why he's not getting ANY jail time with THREE felonies! What a joke!

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