Peedi Crakk Disses Jay-Z in A Sing-Song

Seems as if Jay-Z has got everybody aiming for him these days. Dude from rock group Oasis, then 50 comin out his mouth sayin Jay wasn't nothin until Beyonce, and now, we have some more Romper Room-ish mess. This one is from Peedi Crakk. The Philly kid who was who used to be one of Jay's protege's on Roc-A-Fella, but was dropped for some reason has come out with a diss song. Yes folks... a song, not a rap, but a song. No one has said why Peedi has beef with Jay, but it's gotta be over some label stuff or whatever! Even though the song is a diss track to Jay, it pours salt into the wound because it's a half assed song. Kind like, who gives a *uck about Jay so to speak! Kind of a slap in the face! But you be the judge!

1 comment:

Fresh said...

Peedi Peedi continues to throw stones at jay. I doubt Jay ever hears these disses. So i wonder if its strictly personal or does dude think that dissing Jay is good publicity.

Either way, hope he kept his connects in the streets... smh.