Sean Kingston Get's Got!

Sean Kingston needs to take his money out of his sisters behind for this one. Apparently Sean needed to get this very expensive piece of jewelery from L.A to NY like ASAP. When he asked his sister to FedEx the $500,000 piece overnight... she did what any loving sister would do. She did it! But what she didn't do was use her dag on head when she insured the blinged out piece. Instead of insuring it for what it's worth, she insured the chain for only $500. A few 0's short ain't it? Maybe that's how much it's really worth??? Or maybe she was supposed to insure for the right amount but pocketed the rest??? I'm just throwing some things out there!

Anyways, so the package arrives... a day late, but it still got there. But once the box was opened, they discovered no blinged out piece. The L.A. County Sheriff's Department now has the case. A rep for Kingston could not be reached for comment.

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Fresh said...

once again, who cares?

he's wack AND his accent is fake...

he's the second coming of shaggy, just darker and chubby...

"lawd have mercy" (in my best shaggy voice w/ the accent)