Let The Rumors Fly... Rihanna and Kanye West Get It Poppin!

Here we go again folks. In the latest installment of "Let The Rumors Fly", we have Rihanna and Kanye West. Seems that tabloid Star mag has pinned the two music sensations together. Star mag claims that they got wind from a "source" that Barbadian cutie Rihanna was seen getting extra friendly with Kanye West after they performed with T.I. at the Key Club a few weeks back.

The source was quoted as saying this:

"Rihanna and Kanye hung out together after they performed their songs... Rihanna was sitting on Kanye's lap, singing along to the music. Before long, the two were full-on kissing each other." Adds the source, "People were shocked. After a while, Rihanna must have realized people were watching, because she had her security escort her back to the dressing room."

So is Rih Rih and Chris on the verge of calling it quits or was she and Kanye just showing some fond adoration for one another? Who knows. But I guess we'll see if we don't catch Chris and Rihanna in every magazine or blog over the next few weeks like we have in the past.

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