Witness In Suge Knight Case Missing?

Why is it that this dude is still walking the streets just as happy go lucky as ever? Remember the chick whose ass he beat out in Vegas a month or so ago? His reported "girlfriend"? Well, just as everyone thought when she first called the police and had Suge arrested, she's missing.

Of course, I pray that they find her alive and well and just hiding out somewhere so big bad Suge Knight don't find her, but this is Suge Knight we're talking about. The same dude who has had over 15 of his "associates" that went against him end up dead. But back in August, Knight was arrested on assault and drug charges over an altercation with his girlfriend who when police went to question her again... no one at the residence knew who she was and said that she never lived there.

At press time, there has been no confirmed evidence of foul play. According to reports, the local District Attorney can still proceed with the case despite her absence. The Associated Press reported that Knight was accused of "beating his girlfriend while brandishing a knife" on a street off the Las Vegas Strip on August 27.

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